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letterfrompublisher It’s hard to believe that it is almost summer. Now that the

warm sunny days are here, I often can be found sitting with my laptop outside, either on the front steps soaking in the morning rays or on my back deck as the sun makes it journey west. There is just something so pleasurable about feeling the sun on you, especially after such a long winter. Perhaps you will want to enjoy the sunshine while trying out some eco-friendly rides like velomobiles and balance

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4 Rockland & Orange Counties SUBSCRIPTIONS With Joy, bikes (see page 22).

Barefoot running is another option you may wish to try (see page 20). As an avowed “non-shoe” person, this has great appeal for me. I always have disliked wearing shoes and tended towards types of exercise that do not require shoes, such as yoga, gymnastics and Tai chi. I find sneakers to be particularly confining, so I was super excited to learn about barefoot running and minimalist shoes. Kids always seem to find fun ways to be outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Janet Forgrieve reminds us, though, that we still want to keep kids thinking while they are playing by incorporating reading, science, cooking and art (see page 28). As I am writing this letter, I am listening to my daughter sing songs from her recent school play, How Does Your Garden Grow? In fact, last week, my daughter and her friend performed the entire play for my mother-in-law who was unable to attend the actual performance. It seems that acting is another great way to keep kids’ minds active.

As adults, we need to keep our minds active as well, although sometimes, perhaps the goal actually is to still our minds. Both can lead to greater understanding, no matter which we are striving to achieve in the moment. Local doctor Charles Glassman explains how a better understanding of men’s reflexive nature can lead to greater happiness (see page 18), and local counselor Tom Kelley shares the power of men’s circles as a way for men to reconnect with themselves (see page 31). Continuing the theme of men’s wellness, Judith Fertig shares five tips for staying healthy, including eating, drinking and being merry (see page 24). If hair loss is an issue, eating actually may be the answer—as long as you are getting some of the key nutrients (see page 30). As far as being merry, in this month’s Inspiration, John Badalament explains why sharing stories with your child can strengthen the bond between you (see page 17). Now is the time to sow the seeds of the future with your children and any relationships you have. Each special moment you spend with a loved one, every healthy meal you prepare for your family, every barefoot step you take on that trail, gets you that much closer to your bounty—a life overflowing with good health, happiness and lots of love. As my daughter’s school play teaches, “Each plant is important, you see, to make this beautiful spot. Each person is important, you see, each one a forget-me-not. Just about anything grows.”

Deborah Turner, Publisher

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