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molecule lycopene, but heating the tomato changes its chemical structure and makes the benefits more readily available to the body. You should eat two to three [½ cup] servings of cooked tomatoes a week.”

The Angiogenesis Foundation pro- vides a base list of 40 natural foods that contain cancer-preventing properties. New foods are added as their benefits are proved in research. The newest additions for fighting prostate cancer— Emmental, Jarlsburg and gouda chees- es—are rich in vitamin K2


DRINK. Consuming fresh ginger drinks, green tea and herbal tea blends that include anti- angiogenic ginseng, lavender and licorice root work to hydrate the body and pre- vent disease, according to researchers at The Angio- genesis Foundation. A glass or two of red

wine, which contains the can- cer fighting, anti-inflammatory compound resveratrol, can be good for men. “My own ad- vice to folks is about one drink a day,” counseled Butler. “The older you get, the heavier the impact of the alcohol. But in moderation, alcohol not only has a relaxing effect, it can elevate levels of good cholesterol.

Maintaining good hydration by drinking water also helps kidneys filter impurities out of the body and keeps skin looking fresher.

BE MERRY. The very things that come with being social are good for everyone’s health. According to Butler, simple touching, such as holding hands with and hugging a loved one, works to lower blood pres- sure. Laughing with buddies helps keep blood vessels from restrict- ing, and thus keeps the heart working more efficiently. Having an eye for beauty in our surrounding adds pleasure to life and helps keep us in a good mood.

Engaging in close, loving

and romantic relationships and staying in touch with lots of friends not only increases the quality of men’s lives, but also helps battle depression and heart disease, suggests Dr. Mehmet Oz, a professor of cardiac surgery at Columbia University and a founder of the Complementary Medicine Program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. He frequently appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show before becoming host of The Dr. Oz Show.


According to Oz, “The more sex you have—provided that it’s safe sex and with a mutually monogamous part- ner—the healthier you will be. Men who have sex once a month are at more than two times the risk of heart disease and heart attack than men who have sex twice a week.”

Complementing such healthy excitement, establishing a daily medita- tion practice also helps men stay calm, energetic, positive and more attuned to their own inner wisdom, says Donna Cardillo, a registered nurse who advises healthcare professionals in the Gan- nett Healthcare Group. “Studies have also shown that regular meditation can lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, improve the body’s response to stress, and even improve sleep patterns.”

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