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use’ of nuclear energy in small doses, providing insights into the secretive life behind the walls of nuclear plants. Olympia 4


3D PROMO SECTOR 7/ TARBOSAURUS 15mins. CJ Entertainment Inc. Palais J



THE BENGALI DETECTIVE (UK) Documentary, 91mins. Entertainment One Films International. Dir: Phil Cox. Chubby, dance-obsessed

private-detective Rajesh Ji and his motley band of helpers tackle poisonings, adultery and the occasional murder on the frenzied streets of Kolkata. Palais K

IN TURMOIL (France) Drama, 109mins. Wild Bunch. Dir: Christophe Ruggia. Key cast: Clovis Cornillac, Mathilde Seigner, Yvan Attal. They’re a trio. Franck and Helene, married with two children, and Max — alone, though not by choice. Three inseparable childhood friends. Franck’s been a welder since he was 16. Twenty years later, like thousands of other workers, like their families, like Helene, he lives in fear of restructuring at the factory. Buyers only, no press Star 1

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES (US) Action/adventure. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Dir: Rob Marshall. Key cast: Johnny Depp. Lumiere


A BRONX TALE (US) 121mins. Festival De Cannes. Dir: Robert De Niro. Coming-of-age crime drama. Salle Du Soixanteme


DREILEBEN —ONEMINUTE OF DARKNESS (Germany) Drama, 90mins. Bavaria Film International. Dir: Christoph Hochheusler. Key cast: Eberhard Kirchberg, Stefan Kurt. Convicted murder Frank Molesch takes advantage of an opportunity to flee and hides out in a forest. But isolation and the knowledge of being

n 78 Screen International at the Cannes Film Festival May 14, 2011

hunted changes him with an unknown danger approaching the truth. Arcades 3


MICHEL PETRUCCIANI/ BODY AND SOUL (France) Documentary, 90mins. Wild Bunch. Dir: Michael Radford. Michel Petrucciani was a startling and original man, both by the nature of his physical condition and of his outstanding musical talent. This is the story of how he achieved fame and fortune through his indomitable will and force of personality. Salle Bunuel


BABY ARABIA (Thailand) Documentary, 90mins. Office Of Contemporary Art And Culture. Centred around a Thai Muslim pop group based in Bangkok. Gray 4

END OF SILENCE (France, Austria) Thriller, 80mins. Doc & Film International. Dir: Roland Edzard. Key cast: Alexis Michalik, Anna Mihalcea, Carlo Brandt. Tense thriller in an isolated cottage as a family falls apart. Theatre Croisette

FLYINGMACHINE (Poland) Animation, 55mins. Distribution Workshop. Dir: Martin Clapp, Geoff Lindsey. Key cast: Heather Graham, Lang Lang From the Academy Award-winning team behind ‘Peter and the Wolf ’, this is a fantastic family adventure film using cutting-edge live action, stop motion animation and 3D. Star 3

HATED (US) Drama, 91mins. The Royal We Films. Dir: Lee Madsen. Key cast: Genevieve Cortese, Chris Riggi, Ryan Donowho. A tale of the rise and fall of an unknown rock band and the girl who made it all happen. Gray 2

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51 (AFTER DARK ORIGINALS) (US) Horror, 94mins. IM Global. Dir: Jason Connery. Key cast: Bruce Boxleitner, Rachel Miner, Jason London. During an unprecedented public visit to the air force’s most secret base, a test goes awry, causing a shutdown of the entire base. Everyone becomes locked in the underground confines of the operation, and soon discover they are not alone. But who— or what- is locked in with them? Lerins 1

BURMA —A HUMAN TRAGEDY (US) Documentary, 85mins. Blairwood Entertainment. Dir: Neil Hollander. Key cast: Anjelica Huston. An in-depth look at the horrific situation the people of Burma are in. Includes interviews with Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi. Palais J

CATTLE (France) Documentary, 62mins. Acid. Dir: Emmanuel Gras. The true life of a cow: grazing, ruminating, gazing — but also feeling — mooing with grief, or simply enjoying an apple. Arcades 1

CHRISTOPHER ROTH (Italy) Horror, 100mins. Aspect Film. Dir: Max Sender, Maxime Alexandre. Key cast: Joaquim De Almeida, Ben Gazzara, Anna Galiena. It’s hard to resist that little thrill you feel right before you go beyond the imaginary and flirt with reality. Gray 5

DEAD IN FRANCE (UK) Black comedy, 88mins. Delacheroy Films. Dir: Kris Mcmanus. Key cast: Celia Muir, Darren Bransford, Lee Cheney. Posh hitman Charles lives in Cannes and wants to retire with a yacht and a woman in tow. He has no experience with either until he lets his cleaning

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