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(Germany) 103mins. Neue Road Movies. Dir: Wim Wenders. A 3D documentary homage to the late choreographer Pina Bausch, with excerpts from her dance productions’ Arcades 3

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HARD LABOR (Brazil) Drama, 99mins. Dir: Urban Distribution International (ex Umedia). Dir: Juliana Rojas, Marco Dutra. Key cast: Helena Albergaria, Marat Descartes, Naloana Lima. Young housewife Helena decides to open a grocery store. She hires Paula as a maid to take care of her home and daughter. When Otavio, her husband, is suddenly fired, work relations between these three characters change, and disturbing occurrences start to threaten Helena’s business. Riviera 4

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RORRIMBO & THEMAGIC GOBLET (Russia) 100mins. Sovexportfilm. Dir: Katya Grohovskaja. Key cast: Alexey Alexeev, Andrey Leonov. Five hundred years ago, the inhabitants of a fairytale world defeated the evil witch Vergilda, and imprisoned her spirit in an enchanted goblet, which was buried in a spot on which a children’s summer camp now stands. A local chances upon the goblet when digging and removes the magical seal. The spirit of the witch bursts forth and possesses the body of a camp leader. Vergilda has to nourish herself by feeding on the fears of children, but at the same has to contend with a group of plucky kids who have joined forces

n 54 Screen International at the Cannes Film Festival May 14, 2011

with the Rorrim Bo — the inhabitants of the fairytale world. Lerins 2

SOUND OF HEAVEN: THE STORY OF BAL GANDHARVA (India) Drama, 110mins. Idream Independent Pictures. Dir: Ravindra Harishchandra Jadhav. Key cast: Subodh Bhave, Vibhavari Deshpande, Kishor Kadam. A richly mounted Indian musical period film on the incredible actor-singer- female impersonator Bal Gandharva (1888-1967), set in the early years of Indian theatre. Gray 4

STRAY BULLET (Lebanon) Drama, 76mins. Pacha Pictures. Dir: Georges Hachem. Key cast: Nadine Labaki, Takla Chamoun, Hind Taher. End of summer 1976, Northern suburb of Beirut. Noha is getting married. Her family is relieved for she’s taking her last chance before she becomes an old maid like her elder sister. Everything is going for the best. Still, on that Sunday, 15 days before the wedding, Noha changes her mind. Riviera 2

THIS IS NOT AN AMERICAN MOVIE (Macedonia) Black comedy, 90mins. Macedonian Film Fund. Dir: Saso Pavlovski. Key cast: Ky Evans, Senko Velinov, Igor Angelov. A gang of small-time criminals are trying to

make their lives more interesting and more relevant — into something that fits their ideal of life inside an American film. But, of course, they are not in an American film, and are doomed to fail in all their efforts to live in such a way. Palais F

TORTOISE IN LOVE (UK) Romance, 81mins. 7 & 7 Producers’ Sales Service. Dir: Guy Browning. Key cast: Tom Mitchelson, Alice Zawadzki, Stephen Elder. A lovelorn young gardener’s awkward attempts at courting fall flat until he enlists the help of a young boy and an entire village who give him their own well meaning, but very British, lessons in love. Palais B


18 DAYS (TAMANTASHAR YOM) (Egypt) Documentary, 120mins. Lighthouse Pictures. Dirs: Ahmad Abdallah, Mariam Abou Ouf, Kamla Abu Zikri, Ahmed Alaa, Mohamed Ali, Sherif Arafa, Sherif El Bendary, Marwan Hamed, Khaled Marei, Yousry Nasrallah. Stories witnessed, heard or imagined by the film-makers following Egypt’s revolution. Palais I

THE AGES OF LOVE (MANUALE D’AMORE 3) (Italy) Romance, 120mins. Wild Bunch. Dir: Giovanni

Veronesi. Key cast: Robert De Niro, Carlo Verdone, Riccardo Scamarcio. Tells the story of Roberto, a young and ambitious lawyer about to wed, and his overwhelming encounter with the beautiful, provocative and mysterious Micol. With her, he will discover a reality that transcends time, suspended between extravagant characters and irresistible temptations Buyers only, no press Olympia 3

PARADISE KISS (Japan) Drama, 116mins. Gaga Corporation. Dir: Takehiko Shinjo. Key cast: Keiko Kitagawa, Osamu Mukai. A story full of fashion and love. For Yukari, today was just a boring repeat of another day, without any dreams or excitement. Until she meets George, who asks her to be his model on the final runway project at his school. Gray 5


FALSE TRAIL — TRAILER (Sweden) Thriller, 15mins. Svensk Filmindustri. Dir: Kjell Sundvall. Key cast: Peter Stormare, Rolf Lassgard. It’s been 15 years since Erik was forced to leave his job as a policeman in the north of Sweden. But suddenly a crime is committed in his old native village and Erik reluctantly returns. But what first looks like common police duty soon develeops

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