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Beyond Border finds buyers Swedish sales outfit NonStop Sales has sold Beyond The Border to Cape Light for German- speaking territories. This deal follows earlier ones signed with the UK (Optimum), Japan (Aya Pro) and French-speaking territories (Sidonis/Megalys). A number of other buyers are also circling.

Icon seals deals onNim Icon Entertainment International has booked several key sales on James Marsh’s Sundance hit doc Project Nim. The film has gone to France (Le Pacte), Italy (Sacher Distribuzione and Feltrinelli Editore), Canada (Mongrel), Poland (Against Gravity), Portugal (Lusomundo), Greece (Odeon) and the Middle East (Prime). HBO and Roadside Attractions took the US while Icon will handle UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Weinsteins vote for Iron Lady The Weinsteins have picked up all US rights to the Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady in a deal brokered with Pathé. Harvey Weinstein partnered on the acquisition with Ron Burkle.

Vertigo plots hot sequels

BY WENDY MITCHELL Vertigo Films is ramping up sequels for its hits StreetDance 3D and Monsters. StreetDance 2 3D will start

shooting June 6, again directed by Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini, and George Sampson as a dancer recruiting the best of European streetdance. Falk Hentschel and Sofia Boutella take the lead roles. The film, shooting for eight

weeks across Europe, will have a budget of about $11m (£7m). Protagonist is handling sales

and has sold to France (Metro- politan), Germany (Square One),

director Gareth Edwards serving as an executive producer. Vertigo told Screen the project

could shoot in Argentina or the Dominican Republic. Vertigo’s Allan Niblo promises “lots more creatures” than the original. Monsters actor Scoot McNairy

George Sampson

Italy (Eagle) and Benelux (E1). Co-producers are Italy’s Eagle Pictures and Germany’s Film Eins. Monsters 2 will be directed by

hot new talents Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas, with original

stars in another Vertigo prod- uction, camping thriller A Night In The Woods, directed by Richard Parry and finishing post now. Also, the company has a new

project for Nicolas Winding Refn » in development.

Lionsgate UK in Nu Image deals Royal Road gets its Girl

BY GEOFFREY MACNAB Lionsgate UK has secured theatri- cal distribution for several big market titles, including Gerard Butler rom-com Playing The Field and Nicolas Cage actioner Medal- lion from Nu Image. “These are big, commercial,

cast-led movies — that really fits into the kind of movies we’re try- ing to do,” Lionsgate UK CEO Zygi Kamasa told Screen. Lionsgate UK has also pre-

Doha backs 25 projects

BYLIZ SHACKLETON The Doha Film Institute (DFI) will back 25 projects in various stages of production as part of its second funding round. Lebanon and Egypt are strongly

represented with 10 and five projects respectively (full list on DFI head Amanda Palmer said: “The MENA

region has always struggled to get financial support from the Arab world, and this year we’re already hearing the impact of change has increased production budgets and made it even more difficult.” DFI previously supported fea-

tures including Nadine Labaki’s Where Do We Go Now?, in Un Cer- tain Regard.

bought Iain Softley’s thriller Trap For Cinderella from Ealing Metro International. Meanwhile, Lionsgate UK is

also to handle the UK release of Irvine Welsh adaptation Filth (sold by Sierra/Affinity). The film is being written and directed by Jon S Baird. Ken Marshall is pro- ducing for Steel Mill Pictures with Will Clarke as executive producer (Icon will be distributing the film in Australia).

LIGHTNINGSTRIKES: Santa Monica-based Lightning Entertainment has announced two deals, adding Markus Welter’s camping horror film One Way Trip 3D to its sales slate and signing a three-picture worldwide distribution deal with LA’s Scorpio Studios, including Unbeatable 3D, Treasured and Timeclock. Jeremy Kay

BY JEREMYKAY Filip Jan Rymsza and Liz Federo- wicz of LA-based Royal Road Entertainment are here talking up $5m thriller A Girl And A Gun, which they are producing with former HandMade Films EVP of production Thomas D Adelman. Rymsza will direct from his

screenplay about an errand boy who saves an aspiring actress from a gang of adolescent boys, and soon discovers there is more to her than meets the eye. The project is set to shoot in

September in LA with support from the California Film Com- mission’s tax credit system, and the producers are out to cast. Rymsza and Federowicz

founded Royal Road in 2010 to acquire, develop, finance and pro- duce properties for the global market, with a strong emphasis on co-production and govern- ment subsidies.

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Annapurna brings back Arnie Annapurna Films has paid in the region of $20m [to hedge fund Pacificor] to make at least two Terminator films. Megan Ellison’s company now holds worldwide rights and can expect an intense weekend of courtship in Cannes. CAA negotiated the sale and will be fielding offers, with Justin Lin attached to direct and Arnold Schwarzenegger lined up to star.

Spotlight sells Ticket Out Spotlight Pictures has closed key territories here on Ray Liotta thriller Ticket Out, screening in the market tonight. These include France (SND), Germany (Tele München), Italy (Minerva), Spain (Key2Media), the Middle East (Eagle), pan-Latin America (California) and Scandinavia (Cinematic Vision).

Gaumont toasts Happy Event Gaumont has sold A Happy Event to Germany (Atlas), Spain (Golem), Canada (E1 Seville), Switzerland (Monopole Pathé), Greece (Odeon), Austria (Polyfilm), Turkey (Filma), Israel (Shapira), South Korea (Double & Joy), Taiwan (Joint), Hong Kong (Golden Scene), Czech Republic & Slovakia (North Video), Indonesia (Amero PT) and Benelux (Cinéart). Gaumont will release in France on October 5.

Basner picks up Bale epic Glen Basner’s sales, production and financing company has boarded most international sales on Zhang Yimou’s epic Heroes Of Nanking starring Christian Bale. Production is scheduled to wrap in mid-June on the English and Mandarin- language historical adventure.

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