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In this documentary, Michael Radford seeks to understand the nature of creativity as he retraces the portrait of this great jazz pianist by way of interviews and historical footage. Out of Competition Salle Bunuel


END OF SILENCE (LA FIN DU SILENCE) (France, Austria) Thriller, 80mins. Dir: Roland Edzard. Key cast: Alexis Michalik, Carlo Brandt, Oscar Wagner Tense thriller in an isolated cottage as a family falls apart. Directors’ Fortnight Theatre Croisette


BONSAI (Chile, France, Argentina, Portugal) Comedy, 92mins. Dir: Cristian Jimenez. Key cast: Diego Noguera,

the lure of violence and drugs. Un Certain Regard Salle Bazin


PROGRAMME COURTS METRAGES 1 120mins. ‘Blue’ — Stephen Kang, ‘La Inviolabilidad…’ — Alex Piperno, ‘In Front Of The House’ — Lee Tae-Ho, ‘Finis Operis’ — Moon Byoung-Gon, ‘Permanencias’ — Ricardo Alves Junior. Critics’ Week Miramar


THE LAW OF THE BORDER (HUDUTLARIN KANUNU) (Turkey) Drama, 74mins. Dir: Lufti Akad Cannes Classics Salle Bunuel


MICHAEL (Austria) Drama, 94mins. Dir: Markus Schleinzer. Key cast: Michael Fuith, David Rauchenberger Michael describes the last

Nathalia Galgani, Gabriela Arancibia. Dark romance. Un Certain Regard, press screening Salle Debussy

five months of 10-year-old Wolfgang’s and 35-year- old Michael’s involuntary life together. Competition, press screening Grand Theatre Lumiere


THE SLUT (Israel) Drama, 87mins. Dir: Hagar Ben Asher. Key cast: Daria Forman, Hagar Ben Asher, Ishay Golan. Tamar, 35, a beautiful young woman, lives alone with her two daughters. She can’t restrain her sexual appetite and gives herself to several men of the village. Shai, a young man, has just moved back in the region to handle his dead mother’s assets, but as he meets Tamar, he decides to stay. They soon fall in love, but will Tamar be satisfied with only one partner? Critics’ Week Studio 13


BONSAI See box above

MISS BALA (Mexico) Drama, 113mins. Dir: Gerardo Naranjo. Key cast: Noe Hernandez, Stephanie Sigman. The story of a young woman clinging on to her dream to become a beauty queen in a Mexico dominated by organised crime. Un Certain Regard Salle Bazin


PORFIRIO See box, below right

SUGAR CANE ALLEY (France) Drama, 106mins. Dir: Euzhan Palcy. Drama charting racial tensions in French colonial Africa. Cannes Classics Salle Bunuel


17 GIRLS (17 FILLES) (France) Drama, 90mins. Dir: Delphine Coulin, Muriel Coulin. Key cast: Esther Garrel, Juliette Darche, Louise Grinberg. Critics’ Week Miramar


PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES (US) Action, 137mins. Dir: Rob Marshall.

Key cast: Johnny Depp. Out of Competition Grand Theatre Lumiere


A BRONX TALE (US) Drama, 120mins. Dir: Robert De Niro. Key cast: Chazz Palminteri. Coming-of-age crime drama. Cannes Classics Salle du Soixantieme


MICHEL PETRUCCIANI (France) Documentary, 90mins. Dir: Michael Radford.

THE KID WITH A BIKE (Belgium) Drama, 87mins. Dirs: Jean- Pierre, Luc Dardenne. Key cast: Cecile De France.

Sick of waiting for a father who has placed him in a children’s home after promising to come back for him, 11-year-old Cyril runs away and returns to the apartment where they lived together. Competition, press screening Salle Debussy

VOLCANO (ELDFJALL) (Iceland) Drama, 95mins. Dir: Runar

Runarsson. Key cast: Margret Helga Johannsdotir, Theodor Juliusson. When Hannes retires from his job as a janitor, the big, empty time span that is the rest of his life begins. He is estranged from his family, has hardly any friends and the relationship with his wife has faded. Through drastic events, Hannes realises that he has to adjust his life in order to help someone he loves. Directors’ Fortnight Studio 13


WALK AWAY RENEE (US) Documentary, 90mins. Dir: Jonathan Caouette. Key cast: Adolph Davis, Jonathan Caouette, Renee Leblanc. Film-maker Jonathan Caouette embarks on a road trip to move his mentally ill mother Renee across the country. Critics’ Week Miramar


LAS ACACIAS (Argentina) Drama, 85mins. Dir: Pablo Giorgelli. Key cast: German de Silva, Hebe Duarte, Nayra Calle Mamani. With French subtitles only. Critics’ Week Cinema de Valbonne


PORFIRIO (Colombia) Drama, 101mins. Dir: Alejandro Landes. Key cast: Porfirio Ramez, Jazbleldy Santos.

A Colombian man confined to a wheelchair hijacks a plane with two grenades in his diaper and the help of his teenage son. Directors’ Fortnight Theatre Croisette

May 14, 2011 Screen International at the Cannes Film Festival 49 n

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