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A MYSTERIOUS WORLD (Argentina) Drama, 107mins. The Match Factory. Dir: Rodrigo Moreno. Key cast: Cecilia Rainero, Esteban Bigliardi, Rosario Blefari. After his girlfriend suddenly breaks up with him, a young man’s life transforms into an erratic urban journey inexplicably connected to his temperamental communist-era car. Olympia 6

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Dir: Roberta Torre. Key cast: Donatella Finocchiaro, Carla Marchese, Pino Micol. A mother and daughter between madonnas and witches. A post-modern fable of loves and miracles. Olympia 4

THAT’S THE WAY!! (Japan) Comedy, 111mins. Toei Company. Dir: Hideaki Sato. Key cast: Tadanobu Asano, Maki Horikita. Fujio Akatsuka, not just a genius but a crazy genius. Palais B

WHAT ARE BEARS FOR? (Spain) Comedy, 100mins. Imagina International Sales. Dir: Tom Fernandez. Key cast: Emma Suarez, Geraldine Chaplin, Gonzalo De Castro. Alejandro And Guillermo Are two brothers who have dedicated their lives to science. Guillermo is a biologist who has lost his faith. Alejandro is a zoologist who has nothing but faith. The two brothers have spent so long trying to save the planet they’ve forgotten what matters most: doing it together. Palais H



A VIEWOF LOVE (France) Drama, 103mins. Europacorp. Dir: Nicole Garcia. Key cast: Jean Dujardin, Marie-Josee Croze, Tony Servillo. A romantic thriller in which shared experiences, distant memories and mistaken identities

are clues to solving the mystery of unfulfilled passion. Olympia 7

ANGELS CREST (UK/Canada) Thriller, Drama, 96Mins. Celsius Entertainment. Dir: Gaby Dellal. Key cast: Thomas Dekker, Jeremy Piven, Mira Sorvino. An intense, gripping thriller set in a small working-class town. A three-year-old boy goes missing on a fishing trip and the tight knit community mobilises, frantically searching the wilderness for answers. The townspeople become divided as the horrific story plays out and accusations begin to fly. Olympia 9

ATTACK THE BLOCK (UK) Action/adventure, Sci-fi, 87mins. StudioCanal. Dir: Joe Cornish. Key cast: Jodie Whittaker, Luke Treadaway, Nick Frost. A fast, funny, frightening action adventure movie that pits a teen gang against an invasion of savage alien monsters. Arcades 2


(Bulgaria) Drama, 86mins. Le Pacte. Dir: Konstantin Bojanov, Key cast: Anjela Nedyalkova, Elena Rainova,

n 66 Screen International at the Cannes Film Festival May 14, 2011

Iossif Sarchadzhiev. While hitchhiking from Sofia to Ruse, Kamen meets Ave, a 17-year- old runaway girl. With each ride they hitch, Ave invents new identities for them, and her compulsive lies get Kamen deeper and deeper into trouble. Reluctantly drawn into this adventure, Kamen begins to fall in love with her. Buyers only, no press Lerins 2

BLUE BIRD (Belgium) Drama, 86mins. Coproduction Office. Dir: Gust Van Den Berghe. A story about how one day in a child’s life can change its world. One morning, Bafiokadie and his sister Tene, two African children, leave their village. The only thing on their mind is to find their lost blue bird before the day is over. But they will find much more along their way. Buyers only, no press Riviera 1

BENY, BACK TO THE WILD (France) Children’s, documentary, 90mins. SND— Groupe M6. Dir: Alain Tixier. Here comes the true story of Beny, the little monkey. Captured by hunters and held in captivity in the city of Kinshasa. But Beny is rescued by

Claudine Andre. She has dedicated her life to Bonobos, monkeys who share 98 per cent of the human DNA. Star 2

EVERYWHERE AND NOWHERE (UK) Drama, 100mins. Stealth Media Group. Dir: Menhaj Huda. Key cast: James Floyd, Katia Winter, Adam Deacon. British-Asian rebel Ash is caught in a culture clash. Trapped in a mindless family business, he seeks

a way out of his mapped out, mundane existence. Gray 3


LEADERSHEEP (France) Documentary, 118mins. Mk2. Dir: Christian Rouaud. Salle Du Soixantieme

LOST KISSES (I BACI MAI DATI) (Italy) Drama, 80mins. Adriana Chiesa Enterprises.

MEMORIES CORNER (France) Drama, 80mins. Bac Films. Dir: Audrey Fouche. Young French journalist Ada Servier arrives in Kobe to cover the memorial ceremonies of the big earthquake in 1995. Fifteen years after the disaster the city’s wounds have finally disappeared but the former victims continue to suffer. Among them is Kenji, whose past is hiding a secret that only Ada is willing to hear. By invitation only Palais I

MILOCRORZE —A LOVE STORY (Japan) Action/ adventure, 90mins. Shochiku Co. Dir: Yoshimasa Ishibashi. Key cast: Takayuki Yamada, Maiko.

Experience the crazy world of multi- dimensioned love story. Gray 1


INNOCENT SATURDAY (Russia) Drama, 99mins. Bavaria Film International. Dir: Alexander Mindadze. Key cast: Anton Shagin, Svetlana Smirnova-Marcinkevich. Saturday, April 26, 1986. A reactor tower has exploded in the Chernobyl

nuclear power plant. The Communist Party leadership remains silent. But Valery Kabysh, a one-time percussionist and now a young, loyal party official, observes the panic of those in charge and realises that every second counts. This is the true story of his failed escape. Olympia 3

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