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18th century Joseon is shaken to the roots by the serial murder of magistrates. The King suspects the murders are related to high officials. Detective K is secretly commissioned by the King to look into the case. CinemaxX Studio 13

JO FOR JONATHAN (Canada) Films Boutique, 81mins. Dir: Maxime Giroux. Key cast: Raphael Lacaille, Jean-Sebastien Courchesne. Jo lives in the shadow of his older brother. Amid a world of delinquency, they become interested in illegal car racing. One night they participate, never reaching the finish line. Jo will become Jonathan. CinemaxX Studio 11


CIRCUMSTANCE (US, Iran, Hong Kong, China) Funny Balloons,

107mins. Dir: Maryam Keshavarz. Key cast: Sarah Kazemy, Nikohl Boosheri, Reza Sixo Safai. Terhani teenagers Atafeh and Shireen are hip to the latest western trends. Atafeh’s liberal family allow the girls their freedom. But her religious brother, in love with Shireen, starts suspecting the nature of their friendship. CinemaxX 2

EVIL: IN THE TIME OF HEROES (Greece) Filmsharks International, 88mins. Dir: Yorgos Noussias. Key cast: Billy Zane, Dinos Avgoustidis, Orfeas Avgoustidis. CinemaxX Studio 19

JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI (US) Fortissimo Films, 83mins. Dir: David Gelb. 85-year-old Jiro Ono is widely considered to be the worlds greatest sushi

chef. His tiny restaurant is the first sushi bar to receive a 3-star rating in the famed Michelin restaurant guide. CineStar 5

MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE (Hong Kong, China) We Distribution, 104mins. Dir: Vincent Kok. Key cast: Sandra Ng, Louis Koo. A retired superhero couple decides to put their long- abandoned superpower to the test against uncanny opponents when a nationwide martial arts championship comes to their quiet hometown. CinemaxX Studio 15

MY WIFE’S ROMANCE (France) Films Distribution, 97mins. Dir: Djamshed Usmonov. Key cast: Olivier Gourmet, Lea Seydoux, Gilles Cohen. One day, Paul doesn’t come back from his

morning jog. Eve, his wife who is used to her wealthy life in the suburbs, is devastated as she discovers her husband was hiding his financial problems. CineStar 6

THE TROLL HUNTER (Norway) Magnolia Pictures, 103mins. Dir: Andre Overdal. Key cast: Otto Jespersen, Hans Morten Hansen, Tomas Alf Larsen. The story of a group of Norwegian students who set out to capture real-life trolls on camera after learning their existence has been covered up by a government conspiracy. CinemaxX Studio 16


THE TROTSKY (Canada) Bleiberg Entertainment, 110mins. Dir: Jacob Tierney. Key cast: Jay Baruchel, Colm Feore, Genevieve Bujold. A high schooler believes he is Leon Trotsky and bands together with his classmates to overthrow their dictator — the princicpal. CinemaxX Studio 18


SLEEPOVER Directed by David Robert Mitchell

Set against the backdrop of mile-long roads, neighborhood blocks, abandoned factories and lakes which make up Metro-Detroit, this story follows four young people as they search for love and adventure on the last night of summer.



TOMORROW’S JOE (Japan) TBS — Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, 132mins. Dir: Fumihiko Sori. Key cast: Tomohisa Yamashita, Yusuke Iseya, Karina, Teruyuki Kagawa. A lone young man, Joe, spends his days brawling and stealing drifts in a flophouse district. There he meets an alcoholic former boxer who senses a natural born boxing talent in Joe. CinemaxX Studio 12


“A beautifully rendered tale of teen angst.” The Guardian

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PETE SMALLS IS DEAD (US) W2 Media, 95mins. Dir: Alexander Rockwell. Key cast: Peter Dinklage, Mark Boone, Jr., Steve Buscemi. Marriott 1


BYE BYE BLUE SKY (UK) Wide Management, 92mins. Dir: Patrick Pasin. For more than 20 years, people all over the world, but first in the US and Canada, have noticed

strange persistent trails in the sky done by airplanes. In the meantime, people are more and more ill. Is there a link? CinemaxX Studio 17

THE STRONGEST MAN IN HOLLAND (Netherlands) Eye Film Institute Netherlands, 80mins. Dir: Mark de Cloe. Key cast: Bas van Prooijen, Suzan Boogaerdt, Loek Peters. When Luuk is young, his single mum tells him his father is the “strongest man in Holland”. When he meets Rene at the Strongest Man Contest he thinks this is his dad. When his mother tells him she lied, he decides to find the truth. dffb-Kino


ALMANYA (Germany) Beta Cinema, 97mins. Dir: Yasemin Samdereli. Key cast: Vedat Erincin, Fahri Yardim, Aylin Tezel. CineStar 2

AMONG WOLVES (Spain, Germany) Wanda Vision, 114mins. Dir: Gerardo Olivares. Key cast: Manuel Camacho, Juan Jose Ballesta, Sancho Gracia. At the age of seven, Marcos is sold by his father to a goatherd and taken to a remote area of the Sierra Morena Mountains, in Spain. There, Marcos survives alone in the woods for 12 years, becoming the leader of a pack of wolves. CinemaxX Studio 11

ON THE INSIDE (US) Artist View Entertainment, 86mins. Dir: D.W. Brown. Key cast: Nick Stahl, Dash Mihok, Olivia Wilde. A young man is sent to a psychiatric institution and soon finds himself fighting for his life. Marriott 2

SAINT (Netherlands) Film Factory Entertainment, 88mins. Dir: Dick Maas. Key cast: Huub Stapel, Egbert-Jan Weeber, Caro Lenssen. Saint Nicholas is not the

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good-hearted children’s friend people think he is. In reality he is a cruel, bloodthirsty bishop who, whenever there’s a full moon on December 5, will try to slaughter as many children as possible. CineStar 1


THE ALBANIAN (Germany, Albania) Aktis Film International, 104mins. Dir: Johannes Naber. Key cast: Nik Xhelilaj, Xhejlane Terbunja, Ivan Shvedoff. A one-way trip to the dark side of the European dream. This is the story of Arben, “the Albanian”, who leaves the poorest country of Europe for the richest. CinemaxX Studio 19

UNDERGROUND (US) Vision Music, 87mins. Dir: Rafael Eisenman. Key cast: Ross Thomas, Sofia Pernas, Adrian R’Mante. War heroes Matt and Storm discover real fear when they hide from a local gang in abandoned military bunkers where awful human experiments had gone wrong. They now have to survive this terror. Marriott 3


BOBBY FISCHER AGAINST THE WORLD (US) Ealing Studios International, 93mins. Dir: Elizabeth Garbus. Key cast: Michael Levine, Matthew Justus, Rory Kennedy. Tells the spectacular story of the tragic and bizarre life of the late chess master and American icon. CineStar 5

JO’S BOY (France) Gaumont, 95mins. Dir: Philippe Guillard. Key cast: Gerard Lanvin, Olivier Marchal, Vincent Moscato. Grandson of a rugby legend, son of a rugby legend and himself a rugby legend, Jo Canavaro is raising his 13-year-old son, Tom, on his own. Much to Jo’s disappointment, Tom is as good at maths as he as he is bad on a rugby field. CineStar 6

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