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The annual winter fisheries are about to start, but the great catch never seems to come their way. It turns out that large industrial trawlers have emptied the ocean of fish. CinemaxX 4

THE FLOWERS OF KIRKUK (Italy, Switzerland, Iraq) Adriana Chiesa Enterprises, 117mins. Dir: Foriborz Kamkari. Key cast: Morjana Alaoui, Ertem Eser, Mohamed Zouaoui. Separated by their country, united by their courage. Based on true lives and events — a story of impossible love in Iraq. CineStar 4

TYRANNOSAUR See box, right


A THOUSAND FOOLS (Spain) Latido Films, 92mins. Dir: Ventura Pons. Key cast: Joan

Crosas, Jordi Bosch, Santi Millan. Fifteen stories, some contemporary and some historical, which through humour, sarcasm and bravery account pain, old age, death and love but above all the human stupidity, without concessions. dffb-Kino

AFRAID OF THE DARK (BRUISES) (Italy) SND — Groupe M6, Martin-Gropius- Bau, stand 27, tel +49 30 498 779 - 453. 90mins. Dir: Massimo Coppola. Key cast: Alexandra Pirici, Erica Fontana. Eva — 20 years old, sweet and proud like a nouvelle vague heroine — leaves a factory in Bucharest for the last time. Kino Arsenal 2

JANE’S JOURNEY (Germany, US) Bavaria Film International, 107mins. Dir: Lorenz

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Knauer. Key cast: Jane Goodall, Mary Lewis. Documentary about the charismatic primatologist Jane Goodall. Intimate conversations alternate

with spectacular footage of her and her beloved chimpanzees as well as revealing comments by her son, colleagues and Hollywood celebrities. CineStar 1

PAPER BIRDS (Spain) Imagina International Sales, 120mins. Dir: Emilio Aragon. Key cast: Imanol Arias, Lluis Homar, Carmen Machi. A group of vaudeville artists after the war has taken everything they have except hunger, make up an unlikely family of lost souls, sharing their joys and sorrows and their only escape from the misery around them: their music. CinemaxX Studio 15

ROAD TO NOWHERE (US) Entertainment One, 121mins. Dir: Monte Hellman. Key cast: Shannyn Sossamon, Dominique Swain, Tygh Runyan. A young film-maker becomes obsessed with a true crime story and with the femme fatale at the centre of the tale. When he begins to make a film about the case on location, he discovers that nothing in the story is true. MGB-Kino

RU THERE (Netherlands, France) Films Boutique, 83mins.

n 50 Screen International in Berlin February 13, 2011

MARKET 10:30

TYRANNOSAUR (UK) Protagonist Pictures, 91mins. Dir: Paddy Considine. Key cast: Eddie Marsan, Peter Mullan, Olivia Colman. Joseph’s life is spiralling into turmoil when a

Dir: David Verbeek. Key cast: Stijn Koomen, Ke Huan-Ru. Jitze, a young professional gamer, travels the world to compete in video game tournaments. During a stay in Taipei he meets a girl and starts realising what it means to be human in the age of virtual worlds. CinemaxX Studio 11

SECOND HALF (South Korea) Mirovision, 97mins. Dir: David Cho. Key cast: Seung-soo Ryu, Som Lee, Youn-sung Na. The film is like a travelogue that claims everything around it is tasty. CinemaxX Studio 19


A SECOND CHILDHOOD (Italy) Rai Trade, 98mins. Dir: Pupi Avati. Key cast: Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Francesca Neri, Serena Grandi. Lino and Chicca have been married for many years and they have no

chance meeting with Hannah offers the possibility of redemption. But Hannah is hiding a secret of her own which will have a devastating effect on both of their lives. CinemaxX Studio 17

children. When Lino begins to suffer from senile dementia, she has to look after him as if he was a child. CinemaxX Studio 13

ALL YOUR DEAD (Columbia) Shoreline Entertainment. Dir: Carlos Moreno. Key cast: Alvaro Rodriguez, Jorge Herrera, Harold de Vasten. Marriott 1

HEARTBEAT (South Korea) Finecut, 114mins. Dir: YoonJae- geun. Key cast: Kim Yun-jin, Park Hae-il. A woman seeks to get her eight-year-old daughter a heart transplant, while a low-life scum tries to protect his mother who’s in a coma. CinemaxX 9

ISOLATION (US) IM Global, 93mins. Dir: Stephen Kay. Key cast: Eva Amurri, David Harbour. Trapped in a hospital

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