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TOP FLOOR LEFT WING (France, Luxembourg) Drama. 93mins. Dir: Angelo Cianci. Key cast: Hippolyte Girardot, Fellag. As every morning, Francois, who is a bailiff, leaves his apartment and his irascible wife to begin his day of evictions. But fate has something else in store for this official on this particular morning, September 11. As he enters the apartment where he is to serve the eviction order, Francois is inadvertently taken hostage by a drug dealer and his father. Panorama press screening CinemaxX 7

SACRIFICE (China) Action. 127mins. Dir: Chen Kaige. Key cast: Ge You, Wang Xue Qi, Fan Bing Bing. When the powerful Zhao clan is massacred, only one baby survives. This last son is raised as a doctor’s son, but must eventually fulfil his destiny. Berlinale Special Gala press screening CinemaxX 9

19:00 KFC_BerlinScreen90x490mm 7/2/11 16:43 Page 1

ABSENT (Argentina) Drama. 87mins. Dir: Marco Berger. Key cast: Carlos Echevarria, Javier De Pietro, Antonella Costa. Martin finds a whole series of excuses to subtly

invade his sport teacher Sebastian’s privacy, ending up spending a night in his apartment. But when Martin’s intentions dawn on him, the teacher has already been compromised. It takes a tragic accident for Sebastian to become aware of his own feelings for Martin. Forum Delphi Filmpalast

TOP FLOOR LEFT WING See box, above


ANGRY HARVEST (Germany) Drama. 105mins. Dir: Agnieszka Holland. Key cast: Armin Mueller-Stahl, Elisabeth Trissenaar,

Wojciech Pszoniak. Upper Silesia in 1943. Rosa, a Jew, escapes from the freight train that was deporting her to a concentration camp. She finds refuge on a farm owned by Leon. Although the farmer nurses the distraught woman back to health, Rosa doesn’t know what to make of him. Leon may be an obliging man, but he is also a profiteer, whose prosperity is based on the suffering of others. Homage Zeughauskino

LOOKING FOR SIMON (Germany) Thriller. 89mins. Dir: Jan Kruger. Key cast: Corinna Harfouch, Nico Rogner,

Mehdi Dehbi. Valerie has not been able to get hold of her son, who is a doctor in Marseille, for some time now. She goes to the French port city and finds an abandoned apartment. She asks Simon’s ex-lover Jens to come too so he can support her quest in the strange city. Why does somebody disappear without a trace? How can somebody one thought one knew so well suddenly become so unknown? And who is Simon really? Forum CineStar 8


(Germany, France) Documentary. 100mins.

Dir: Wim Wenders. Documentary shot in 3D about the work of the late choreographer, Pins Bausch. Competition Berlinale Palast

THE RECIPE (South Korea) Drama. 104mins. Dir: Anna Lee. Key cast: Ryoo Seung- yong. Choi Yu-jin, a television producer always in search of a scoop, is given a mysterious tape that reveals the final words of renowned bloodthirsty killer Kim Deuk-gu. The tape is a recording of his execution, and reveals his last wish: to eat his favourite Korean

stew, Doenjang jjigae. Yu-jin, with his cutthroat journalistic instincts, instantly smells a scoop. Desperate to decipher the mystery behind the killer’s cravings, Yu-jin visits a restaurant in the mountains. Culinary Cinema Film & Food MGB Kinosaal/Spiegelzelt

THE YOUNG BUTLER (Chile) Documentary. 70mins. Dir: Marcela Said, Jean de Certeau. Documentary focusing on the life of a man who served as an errand boy in a prison during Pinochet’s regime. Forum CinemaxX 4

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