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MEDIA’s future in question Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus film tours for Exclusive

BY JEREMY KAY Exclusive Films International head Alex Walton has reported a deluge of interest here on the Miley Cyrus action comedy So Undercover. Walton has closed a raft of deals

on the film, which just wrapped principal photography. US buyers are circling and a domestic deal is expected imminently. EFM deals have closed with Germany (Constantin), France (Metropolitan), Australia (Road- show), Russia (West), Latin Amer- ica (California), Scandinavia (Svensk), Benelux (Independent) and Eastern Europe (SPI). “Miley is a worldwide phenom-

enon as a TV star, musician and fashion fi gure and the market has proved she has great value in fi lm to our distributors,” Walton said. Cyrus stars as an FBI agent who

infiltrates a college sorority. Tom Vaughan directed and the cast includes Jeremy Piven and Kelly Osbourne. EFI’s EFM slate includes George

Clooney’s The Ides Of March which sold last week to eOne in the UK, Tobis in Germany and Metropoli- tan in France, among others.


Arclight Films sales head Mark Lindsay has closed a pair of key territories on action thriller The Courier. eOne has added another title to its busy slate after taking UK rights and Constantin will release the film in Germany.

We Pictures has sold Wu Xia to France’s TF1. This is the first European deal for the Asian action title, which sold to Luxuries Industries for Singapore/Malaysia during the AFM. Negotiations with US studios are ongoing.

BY MARTIN BLANEY A damper has been put on tomor- row’s 20th birthday celebrations for the European Union’s MEDIA programme as many industry experts fear the current MEDIA 2007 could be the last edition of the programme, when it runs out in 2013.

Leading German producer

Regina Ziegler told Screen she had heard “from good authority” the MEDIA programme is to be “com- pletely phased out”. Others in the industry are wor-

ried that with the current eco- nomic climate, MEDIA will be severely curtailed after 2013. According to a source close to

the programme, it is still very much up in the air as to how the level of the overall EU budget will

pan out from 2013. However, with- out wishing to scaremonger, the source pointed out there is clearly a real danger to the programme. On her visit to Berlin on Thurs-

day, EU culture commissioner Androulla Vassiliou stressed that she was “committed to pushing for a well-funded programme to con- tinue to the end of this decade and beyond”. MEDIA 2007 has had a budget

of $1.02bn (¤755m) over seven years from 2007-13. Ziegler said that if MEDIA was

in jeopardy, European co-produc- tions would be seriously hurt. “In addition, the politicians are send- ing a fatal sign to all European pro- ducers. A piece of European cultural heritage would disappear.” Meanwhile, Berlinale director

Dieter Kosslick paid tribute to the importance of the MEDIA Pro- gramme for the growth of Euro- pean cinema in the last 20 years. He told Screen: “[MEDIA] has

brought totally different people with totally different languages from totally different countries together in the audiovisual sector so that today one can rightly say there is a lively European fi lm cul- ture and a prospering European fi lm industry. That was inconceiv- able 20 years ago. Today, it is regarded as taken for granted.” The German Film Academy has

added the future of the MEDIA programme to the agenda for its members assembly in Berlin today. The European Film Agency

Directors (EFADs) will also be dis- cussing this issue today.

Buyers hop to China’s hot animated Rabbit

BY JEAN NOH China’s Tianjin Film Studio is off to a roaring start at the EFM with pre-sales on the 3D animation Leg- end Of A Rabbit. Here in Berlin, the fi lm has sold

to Noori for Korea, Luxor Film for Russia/CIS, Ram Indo for Singa- pore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and Horizon for Turkey. The story is about a humble rab-

bit who has to take on Beijing’s baddest panda to save the fate of China’s kung-fu academy. The $12m Legend Of A Rabbit

was created by a team of 500 ani- mators over three years. “We were going for that US vis-

ual quality, and have achieved the high quality in, for instance, the moving hair on the animals which

Legend Of A Rabbit

is the standard in these cases,” said Dong Fachang, producer and chief financial officer of Tianjin Film

Buyers go wild for Safari 3D

BY GEOFFREY MACNAB Midway through the market, Stu- dioCanal’s international sales director Harold Van Lier is report- ing “an incredible response” to Ben Stassen’s big-budget feature documentary African Safari 3D. After a presentation to buyers,

Van Lier confirmed that Italian outfi t Eagle has come on board as a co-producer. This week, there

were bidding wars in several terri- tories including South Korea, where Daisy took the fi lm. “It is extremely positive to see

how buyers have responded to the originality of the project,” Van Lier said.

StudioCanal has been screening

first exclusive footage of John Le Carré adaptation, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, which is now “sold

Studio. The company is looking at a wide release in China on about 1,000 screens in July.

out” in Europe and in discussions for a US studio deal. Spain closed here at the EFM with DeAPlaneta. “We are very satisfi ed with the

level of pre-sales we’ve been doing on this fi lm. Europe being sold out is a great achievement for us,” Van Lier said. StudioCanal has already closed

three territories on Blackbird, the new fi lm by Stefan Ruzowitzky. It has gone to Canada (eOne), Aus- tralia (Hopscotch) and South Korea (UniKorea).

The Slut

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Pure Grass, Salt unveil 3D Twist

BY GEOFFREY MACNAB UK production company Pure Grass Films has partnered with UK sales and fi nancing outfi t Salt on 3D parkour action movie Twist, a modern re-telling of Oliver Twist. Ollie is a 17-year-old street gang member in London who helps with art heists (using acrobatic parkour moves) for stolen-goods dealer Fagin. Matthew Parkhill (The Caller) will direct and writers are Kevin Lehane (Grabbers) and Tom Grass, based on an original idea and first draft by the Brothers Lynch and Simon Thomas.

Wenders plans Canada shoot

Wim Wenders’ Berlin-based Neue Road Movies is planning a 2012 Canada shoot for his next feature film Everything Will Be Fine, about a man haunted for years after accidentally killing a child. Also, Neue Road is serving as a

minority co-producer on Strada Film’s Romania-set surreal feature Wolf by Bogdan Mustata. The company is also working

with Belgium’s Entre Chien et Loup and a Hungarian partner on Christian Moris Müller’s drama On The Horizon, which will shoot in Hungary about an East German family looking to flee to the West. Birgit Möller’s Amyland about

a woman with multiple personalities, is also being prepared as an international co-production for 2012. Martin Blaney


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