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(China) Drama. 115mins. Dir: Zhang Yimou. Key cast: Zhou Dongyu, Shawn Dou, Xi Meijuan. China during the Cultural Revolution. Jing, a college student from town, is sent to a remote mountain village for “re-education”. Jing is the personification of innocence. Jing knows that not only her own future but that of her family now depends on how the authorities judge her efforts to be “re-educated”. Jing’s careful and inconspicuous behaviour comes to an end, however, when she falls in love with Sun, the son of a high ranking officer. Generation 14plus CinemaxX 3


BRASCH — WORDS OF WANT, WORDS OF FEAR (Germany) Documentary. 92mins. Dir: Christoph Ruter. Documentary about the writer Thomas Brasch and his experiences in the German Democratic Republic. Panorama Dokumente press screening CineStar 7

BULLHEAD (Belgium, Netherlands) Drama. 129mins. Dir: Michael R. Roskam. Key cast: Matthias Schoenaerts, Jeroen Perceval, Jeanne Dandoy. Panorama Special International

KABUL DREAM FACTORY (Germany, Afghanistan) Documentary. 82mins. Dir: Sebastian Heidinger. Forum CineStar 8

THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE (Belgium) Thriller. 108mins. Dir: Lee Tamahori. Key cast: Dominic Cooper, Ludivine Sagnier. Baghdad 1987. Iraq is a breeding ground for corruption and fraud. Someone who knows better than anyone how to make use of such things is Uday



(Denmark) Drama. 90mins. Dir: Heidi Maria Faisst. Key cast: Frederikke Dahl Hansen, Anne Sofie Espersen, Dar Salim. Louise, a teenager girl

Hussein, the oldest son of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. To protect himself, he decides to use a double. He chooses Latif Yahia, a former schoolmate. Panorama Special Cubix 9

THE MAGICIAN (Sweden) Drama. 100mins. Dir: Ingmar Bergman. Key cast: Max von Sydow, Ingrid Thulin, Gunnar Bjornstrand. Sweden in 1846. The small troupe of Vogler’s Magnetic Health Theatre is called to perform at the grand manor house of Consul Abraham Egerman. The magician Albert Emanuel Vogler is subjected to a humiliating interrogation in the name of science. Retrospective Ingmar Bergman Zeughauskino

n 40 Screen International in Berlin February 13, 2011

recently reunited with her imprisoned mother, is taken through the underworld of drugs and crime and forced to make a difficult decision regarding her mother. Generation 14plus Haus der Kulturen der Welt Kino 1


HISTORY UNCUT: CROSSROADS (South Africa) Documentary. 25mins. Dir: Brian Tilley, Laurence Dworkin. Documentary footage of the South African Apartheid resistance movement in the 1980s. Forum Expanded History Lessons Kino Arsenal 2

HISTORY UNCUT: MANENBERG (South Africa) Documentary. 25mins. Dir: Brian Tilley, Laurence Dworkin. Documentary footage of the South African Apartheid resistance movement in the 1980s. Forum Expanded History Lessons Kino Arsenal 2

THE POLL DIARIES (Germany, Austria,

Estonia) Drama, 134mins. Dir: Chris Kraus. Key cast: Paula Beer, Edgar Selge, Tambet Tuisk. On the eve of the First World War, a 14-year-old German girl returns to her home on the Baltic coast. While her morbid scientist father controls the family with cruelty, the passionate girl hides and nurses a wounded Estonian anarchist. German Cinema CinemaxX 1

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SLEEPING SICKNESS (Germany) Drama. 91mins. Dir: Ulrich Kohler. Key cast: Pierre Bokma, Jean-Christophe Folly, Jenny Schily. Competition Urania

SUBMARINE (UK) Comedy. 94mins. Dir: Richard Ayoade. Key cast: Craig Roberts, Yasmin Paige, Sally Hawkins, Paddy Considine, Noah Taylor. Coming-of-age comedy set in Wales. Forum press screening CinemaxX 6

SUMMER WITH MONIKA (Sweden) Drama. 96mins. Dir: Ingmar Bergman. Key cast: Harriet Andersson, Lars Ekborg. Young Monika Eriksso has grown up in humble surroundings with her siblings; her father grows violent when he drinks. Harry Lund, an apprentice in a porcelain shop, is also harassed by his boss. When Harry and Monika meet in a cafe, they decide to break out of this world. They steal Harry’s father’s motor boat and drive out to the archipelago in search of their freedom. Retrospective Ingmar Bergman CinemaxX 8

WE WERE HERE (US) 90mins. Drama. Dir: David Weissman. Key cast: Ed Wolf, Paul Boneberg, Guy Clark. About five citizens of San Francisco before Aids was a problem. Overnight the city was transformed from an enclave of sexual liberation and social experimentation to the epicentre of a dreadful, sexually transmitted epidemic. Panorama Dokumente Cubix 7

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HI-SO 110mins. Drama. Dir: Aditya Assarat. Key cast: Ananda Everingham, Cerise Leang, Sajee Apiwong. After studying in the US, Ananda returns to his homeland, Thailand, where he tries his luck as a film actor. Forum Kino Arsenal 1


THE FATHERLESS (Austria) Drama. 105mins. Dir: Marie Kreutzer. Key cast: Andrea Wenzl, Philipp Hochmair, Andreas Kiendl. Panorama Special Friedrichstadtpalast

THE SALT OF LIFE (Italy) Drama. 90mins. Dir: Gianni Di Gregorio. Key cast: Gianni Di Gregorio, Valeria De Franciscis Bendoni, Alfonso Santagata. There are plenty of things that Gianni, a married man who has recently retired, needs to think about, but love certainly isn’t one of them. Gianni lives with his wife and daughter in a small apartment in Rome. Then one day Gianni’s old friend Alfonso tells him some astonishing things about his recent sexual escapades. Somehow Gianni seems to have ignored the fact that all his contemporaries are in the throes of reliving their youth. Berlinale Special Cubix 8


AMNESTY (Albania) Drama. 83mins. Dir: Bujar Alimani. Key cast: Luli Bitri, Karafil Shena, Todi Llupi. A man and a woman in Albania. Their two partners are both in prison but reforms in the penal system allow married couples conjugal visits. The two meet by chance in the prison and start an affair that looks set to end when their partners are freed in an amnesty. Berlinale goes Kiez Toni & Tonino

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