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HOUSEHOLD X See box, right

THE EDUCATION (Germany) Drama. 85mins. Dir: Dirk Lutter. Key cast: Joseph K. Bundschuh, Anke Retzlaff, Anja Beatrice Kaul. Perspektive Deutsches Kino CinemaxX 1

THE HOST AND THE CLOUD (France) Documentary. 120mins. Dir: Pierre Huyghe. A group of actors are given a set of roles in a confined space and the ensuing action is filmed. By filming staged scenarios, Huyghe probes the capacity of cinema to distort and ultimately shape memory. Forum Expanded Hebbel am Ufer — HAU 2


FREE HANDS (France) Drama. 100mins. Dir: Brigitte Sy. Key cast: Ronit Elkabetz, Carlo Brandt, Camille Figuereo. Barbara is a director who makes films in prison. Michel is a prisoner who takes part in her film workshop. They fall in love. Their seemingly controlled relationship goes off the rails. Forum Delphi Filmpalast

SING YOUR SONG (US) Documentary. 98mins. Dir: Susanne Rostock. Key cast: Harry Belafonte. As well as being a singer and performer, Harry Belafonte was one of the most popular propagandists of the American civil rights movement. Belafonte is still politically active today. Berlinale Special Gala Friedrichstadtpalast

SLEEPING SICKNESS (Germany) Drama. 91mins. Dir: Ulrich Kohler. Key cast: Pierre Bokma, Jean- Christophe Folly, Jenny Schily. Berlinale goes Kiez Toni & Tonino


HOUSEHOLD X (Japan) Drama. 90mins. Dir: Yoshida Koki. Key cast: Minami Kaho, Taguchi Tomoroo, Kaku Tomahiro.

VAMPIRE (US, Canada) Drama. 120mins. Dir: Iwai Shunji. Key cast: Kevin Zegers, Rachael Leigh Cook, Keisha Castle- Hughes. Simon Wade is an average young man who goes about his profession as a teacher with the same kind of dedication that he exhibits when taking care of his ailing mother. But under the seemingly obliging surface lurks an entirely different side. His unquenchable thirst for fresh blood forces the young teacher to trawl websites in search of suicidal young women, whose blood he can steal. Panorama press screening CinemaxX 7


CHEONGGYECHEON MEDLEY: A DREAM OF IRON (South Korea) Doucmentary. 79mins. Dir: Kelvin Kyung Kun Park.

n 44 Screen International in Berlin February 13, 2011

Koki’s film charts the disintegration of a middle-class household with excruciating attention to detail and finesse. Forum Kino Arsenal 1

The Cheonggye stream runs through the centre of Seoul. Today a popular urban recreation area with clear water, promenades and leafy plants, the Cheonggyecheon was, until only eight years ago, a filthy rivulet under a busy freeway. The film lingers over the people who work the metal: the foundrymen, cutters, welders and so on, with patient observation showing us how the iron shapes the workmen no less than the workmen shape the iron. Forum CinemaxX 4

MODERN PEOPLE (Japan) Drama. 112mins. Dir: Shibuya Minoru. Key cast: Ikebe Ryo, Yamamura So, Yamada Isuzu. Ogino, a government official, gets involved in his colleagues’ corrupt activities to pay for his

sick wife’s hospital bills. At first, his young and serious colleague Odagiri refuses to partake in them, but when he falls in love with Ogino’s daughter, he too becomes irrevocably caught up in the maelstrom of violence and crime. Forum CineStar 8

SAWDUST AND TINSEL (Sweden) Drama. 93mins. Dir: Ingmar Bergman. Key cast: Ake Gronberg, Harriet Andersson, Hasse Ekman. At the break of dawn a tawdry travelling circus makes its way through the Swedish countryside, a silhouette against the grey sky. The circus people have no money, nothing to eat, and had to leave their costumes in payment at their last stopover. Circus director Alber has an idea: Albert and his pretty mistress Anne will go into town and borrow costumes from the theatre. The director insults them, however, and compares theatre to art and circus to artifice — a meditation on the boundaries ensues. Retrospective Ingmar Bergman CinemaxX 8

THE PIPE (Ireland) Documentary. 83mins. Dir: Risteard O’Domhnaill. A compelling documentary film four years in the making, ‘The Pipe’ tells the story of the small Rossport community, which has taken on the might of Shell Oil and the Irish State. Culinary Cinema MGB-Kino

THE SEVENTH SEAL (Sweden) Drama. 96mins. Dir: Ingmar Bergman. Key cast: Max von Sydow, Gunnar Bjornstrand, Bibi Andersson. The film deals with sacrifice, salvation and the search for God. Retrospective Ingmar Bergman Zeughauskino


TO JOY (Sweden) Drama. 98mins. Dir: Ingmar Bergman. Key cast: Maj- Britt Nilsson, Stig Olin, Birger Malmsten. Stig Eriksson is violinist in the Helsingborg orchestra. He thinks he is ready for a career as soloist. ‘To Joy’ shows how his ambition and inability to resign himself to his

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own mediocrity lead him and his family to disaster. Retrospective Ingmar Bergman CinemaxX 6


ALMANYA (Germany) Drama. 97mins. Dir: Yasemin Samdereli. Key cast: Vedat Erincin, Fahri Yardim, Aylin Tezel. Competition Urania

AMNESTY (Albania) Drama. 83mins. Dir: Bujar Alimani. Key cast: Luli Bitri, Karafil Shena, Todi Llupi. Forum Cubix 9

CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS (US, France) Documentary. 90mins. Dir: Werner Herzog. Herzon’g stunning 3D film brings this documentary about a cave full of 30,000-year-old paintings to life. Competition Special Screening Berlinale Palast

INTO THE WHITE NIGHT (Japan) Thriller. 149mins. Dir: Yoshihiro Fukagawa. Key cast: Maki Horikita, Kengo Kora, Eiichiro Funakoshi. Murder thriller in which a detective reopens a case from 19 years previously — and in doing so some old psychological wounds as well. Panorama Colosseum 1

SLEEPING SICKNESS (Germany) Drama. 91mins. Dir: Ulrich Kohler. Key cast: Pierre Bokma, Jean-Christophe Folly, Jenny Schily. Competition International

THE QUEEN HAS NO CROWN (Israel) Documentary. 85mins. Dir: Tomer Heymann. Heymann’s film takes a look at the story of five brothers and their mother, the experience of living in exile, and the joy of family ties. One after the other,

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