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What is ImportantWhen Things

goWrong? from Page 33

Defining the objectives and the scope of work are most

important.Yes, things go wrong. Our customer should expect us to resolve them as quickly as possible per our scope of work. Often the solution ismore training, and thenmore training,which we eat because operators do not value the importance of train- ing.…TimBreuning, Light&Breuning, FortWayne, IN Specifications: A detailed layout drawing schematic of the

location. ... How many cars will be involved?What is the flow every day/week/month, etc. ...When things go wrong, you must take time to find a reasonable solution. The customer must believe that you will be there for them and have good communi- cation while solving in the problem. … Jose Lima, Momentek Inc., Longueuil, Canada Use of the property and the appropriate equipment and soft-

ware needed to service those uses. Inmy 10 years in this business I have never seen a spec that was totally correct!When things go wrong, youmust have complete diligence on troubleshootingwith our experienced staff, as well as working as a liaison (and some- times lobbyist!) with the equipment manufacturer. … Sherry Evens, EvensTime, Indianapolis Specs must stress reliability and function.When there is a

problem, the customer expects quick response and honesty. … LesAmon, LVCTechnologies, .Auburn Hills,MI I tell my people, especially anyone doing a sales call, do not

talk, ... listen! The customer will tell you what is most important, thereby giving the key tomaking the sale. ...As for trouble, (that’s) easy: what we all want, the truth, and a quick response to remedy the situation.…Larry Oliva, Consolidated Parking Equipment, Miami We recommend the right system for the application, keeping

in mind the most economical way to accomplish what the cus- tomer needs. If there is a problem,we offer the right response and service. Be there when things don’t go right.Always offer amain- tenance contract even under the warranty period. … Gustavo Grundler,Automatic ControlTechnology, San Juan, PR We need to provide a functional system that delivers and

meets the expectations of the customer in their price range.How- ever, we keep in mind scalability to ensure (that) when the cus- tomer needs to grow, the system is prepared for that growth. When things go wrong, we must provide instant response and do whatever is necessary. Up-time is a priority.…BrentVan Log- gerenberg, Sentry Control Systems, SunValley, CA


Intelligent Parking and Security Systems Division: From the gate through your entire parking structure, TAPCO provides integrated solutions. With design, installation and service capabilities, you can rely on our ability to assure accurate parking guidance, opti- mal lighting efficiency, complete security control, and maximum rev- enue realization. You’ll know that your customers, employees and rev- enue are safe and secure.

Southern Time Equipment Company

“We have a long standing relationship with Southern Time which is built around customer service with a personal touch. They assisted in the operational design of our new parking deck and offered competitive pricing through our formal bid process. Southern Time provided all that we needed.” – Thomas Kuryla-Wake County Parking

BP Equipment Company

“I have been using Bob Hall and BP Equipment for many years. They always have the most prompt service and knowledgeable technicians in the business. Second to none.”

Russell I. Brown Senior Manager - Standard Parking Houston, Texas


Shown here are highly effective solutions to typical parking garage situa- tions; with the addition of energy efficient or solar powered high intensity LEDs to both an overhead crash bar and a Pedestrian sign near a hidden crosswalk, TAPCO will make your structure safer for your customers and your bottom line.

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