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Electronify* Access to Your Park BY MIKE HOPKINS

*Electronify: conversion of a device to being electronically based. Typically, this is the conversion of a mechanical device; for example, a mechanical watch to a digital watch. (Geoffrey McDonald)

control solves these problems, but conventional wired systems just haven’t been a practical solution for park- ing equipment. This has changed with new wireless technologies, which allow you to “electronify” any lock in any piece of parking equipment, giving you all the benefits of electronic access control.


The Problems of Mechanical Locks and Keys The fundamental problemwithmechanical locks and keys is

that you can’t really control access.Why not? First, you have no way of knowing if and when a lock was opened. Second, you don’t know if and when someone tried but failed to open a lock.

ARKING EQUIPMENT TRADI- tionally has been secured by mechani- cal locks and keys.A number of prob- lems are associated with trying to con- trol access this way. Electronic access

Third, most mechanical keys can be copied. Fourth, most mechanical locks can be picked. If you can’t really control access to your parking equipment,

you can’t really protect the contents –most important, cash.This is a huge risk given that shrinkage in parking revenues is com- monly reported to be 5%to 10%. Apart from putting your parking revenues at risk, mechani-

cal locks and keys have high associated operating costs.You have to manage a large number of keys.You have to re-key a lock if a key is lost or stolen. If you are misfortunate enough to lose or have stolen amaster key, thatmeans re-keying all your locks. Finally,mechanical locks are easy to vandalize.The need for

a key hole means they can be disabled by inserting some foreign object or covering it with a superglue, requiring repair and even replacement, in addition to lost revenueswhile out of service.

Conventional Electronic Access Control If you can secure your parking equipment electronically,

you’ve solved the problems ofmechanical locks and keys.How-

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