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Night Flight Concepts Announces Alignment With Max-Viz

In an effort to continue providing safety enhancing products and solutions to the aviation industry, Night Flight Concepts (NFC) and Max-Viz Inc. have created a strategic alliance to better align their separate technologies as a more comprehensive Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) / Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) safety solution. “EVS and NVIS technolo- gies have long been considered competitors throughout the industry. Our two companies came to a meeting of the minds where it just didn’t make sense to compete. The technology differences are a defined strength when looking at a combined product offering, and will provide the industry with a significantly enhanced solution to mitigate IIMC and CFIT occurrences.

Cooperatively integrated, these two visual technologies present a significantly larger chunk of the silver bullet and greatly enhance overall situational awareness throughout both the day and night mission profiles” commented Randy Rowles, VP Business Development for NFC.

Max-Viz and NFC clearly have the same philosophical values and goals within the industry, which was the defin- ing catalyst in creating this alignment and vision. Putting


safety first, and creating a coop- erative solution, while still maintaining each company’s autonomy was paramount in the structuring of this agreement. Each company still markets its own product line, but will openly and actively bring the other into programs whenever appropriate. Bob Yerex, VP Sales for Max-

Viz states “the light bulb went off at both NFC and Max-Viz at the same time. Each of us is well versed in the other’s technologi- cal strengths and limitations. It is the recognition of those same attributes that makes this align- ment so appropriate. We both feel that the combination of EVS and NVIS technology is long overdue, and we are look- ing forward to bringing a huge paradigm shift into the industry as to how these two synergistic technologies are viewed”. Max-Viz has been the world leader in un-cooled EVS since establishing the company in 2001, and currently presents the only second generation EVS sensor product line, including the EVS-1500, which is the only optical zoom sensor in the EVS industry. NFC company president, Adam Aldous commented, “We're extremely proud to have an alignment with Max-Viz. We both work hard to achieve the confidence of our customers, and strive to provide the best safety enhancing solutions the industry has to offer. Customers will appreciate that both NFC and Max-Viz are system integra-


tion companies which means we are able to provide solutions, rather than just products that are good for the overall aviation industry”. The NFC/Max-Viz vision is “To cooperatively and effectively promote safety through the combination of two world-class vision technologies to increase overall situational awareness and operational flight safety “Bob Yerex states, ”Our focus is to save lives through cooperation.” ◆

awards and certifications. Prior to joining the MTC leadership team, Mr. Boonstra served as a Systems Engineer and System Safety Engineer with Raytheon Missile Systems (RMS) in Tucson, AZ, specializing in weapons integration for rotary wing and unmanned aerial sys- tems.

Mr. Boonstra retired from the United States Army in May 2009 as a Master Aviator and Developmental Test Pilot for U.S. Army Special Operations Command with nearly 6,000 accident free flight hours. He also amassed an 2800 flight hours with Night Vision Goggles during his tenure with the Army. Troy served the Army for

Troy W. Boonstra Joins Med- Trans Corp as Director of Safety

Air medical services provider

Med-Trans recently announced that Troy Boonstra has accepted the position of Director of Safety. Mr. Boonstra is a proven aviation expert and sen- ior safety professional and has earned numerous safety-related

more than 24 years highlighted by over 17 years with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR). During his career with the 160th SOAR he served as a Regiment Standardization Instructor Pilot, Regiment Safety Officer, and led the Research, Development, and Integration efforts for Special Operations Aviation on the AH/ MH-6 Little Bird Helicopter managing integration and modi- fications on the 51 aircraft fleet. Troy earned the US Army Special Operations Command’s Safety Officer of the Year Award in 2004 and also received the Army Aviation Association of America’s McClellan Aviation Safety Award in 2005 for his Army-wide impact on Aviation Safety. In addition to his many military awards and decorations, he has also received the Honorable Order of Saint Michael Bronze and Silver Awards for his impact on Army

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