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an image that provides a near 1:1 comparative image with the naked eye in the NFOV. Quantum improvements in the image pro-

3D interactive program that meets the requirements of FAR Part 61 and 135 for NVG pilot and crewmember training. In addition, NFC is the exclu- sive provider of the Night Readiness Virtual Terrain Board (VTB) for the United States non-military market. The VTB is the only NVG simulator capa- ble of NVG simulation/stimulation with all-weath- er, all-illumination flythrough capability. MV has been manufacturing un-cooled (i.e.

small, lightweight, high reliability) long-wave infrared EVS sensors since 2001 and are currently in their second generation product line with two principal products; the EVS-600 which is a fused sensor (visual / infrared ) to provide a single image to the pilot and the EVS-1500 which is the only optical zoom EVS sensor in the marketplace.

The 600

was designed principally for the piston single- engine marketplace and is a single LRU design. The EVS-1500 is a dual FOV sensor with an optical zoom feature that provides a pilot selectable wide field of view (WFOV) that is 53˚ wide by 30˚ high and a narrow field of view (NFOV) of 30˚ wide by 22.5˚ vertical. This capability for either / or FOV allows for enhanced situational awareness in the WFOV and the additional ability to have

cessing in both sensors through active dynamic range management and automatic gain control make these sensors far more effective than even the previous generation from MV. With over 1000 fielded units worldwide, MV has additional- ly developed an STC base of well over 200 sep- arate airframes, currently completing four addition- al STC’s encompassing another 26 separate air- frames at the present time through One Sky Aviation, a strategic teaming partner specializing in STC development. MV additionally internalizes all export processes with units flying in both civilian and military applications currently operating on each of the continents … (except Antarctica). This functional paradigm shift in the marketing

strategies of both NFC and MV will ultimately benefit the aviation industry.

The safety enhance-

ments of each technology individually do not come close to the capabilities that both would provide to a flight crew. The vision at the foundation of this strategic alliance states it all … “To cooperatively and effectively promote

safety through the combination of two world-class vision technologies to increase overall situational awareness and operational flight safety.” “Our focus is to save lives through coopera-

tion.” abcd Randy Rowles is VP Business Development for Night

given. He can be reached at randy.rowles@nightflightcon-

Cessna Citation) with CFI / CFII with over 500 hours NVG experience in both Military SAR and Part-135 EMS, and can be reached at

Flight Concepts, Inc and is an 11,000 hour ATP with a CFI/CFII, and DPE with NVG authority. He serves as Director of NVG Training with 700 NVG hours dual

Bob Yerex is VP Sales and Marketing for Max-Viz Inc. and is an 8000 flight hour dual rated ATP (S-61 and

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