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Sandel Delivers First HeliTAWS Fleet Unit to MSP Aero First fleet installation goes to North Memorial Medical Center’s Agusta 109s used in HEMS operations

Sandel Avionics has announced the delivery

of its first HeliTAWS helicopter terrain safety system to MSP Aero of Minneapolis, MN, for installation in a fleet of Agusta A109 helicopters operated by North Memorial Medical Center (NMMC) of Robbinsdale, MN. Incorporating such features as Sandel’s proprietary TrueAlert™ nuisance-alert elimination technology, off-airport landing capability, high-resolution 3-D terrain display and Class A HTAWS functions, Sandel HeliTAWS is expected to significantly increase the safety margins of NMMC’s HEMS (heli- copter emergency medical services) operations. HeliTAWS is also ideally suited for such other demanding helicopter missions as offshore oil rig operations, tactical military support, search and rescue, and airborne law enforcement. Sandel recently announced it had received TSO approval for HeliTAWS, followed almost imme- diately by a Part 27 STC. The 3-ATI HeliTAWS is a ruggedized,

self-contained system with a high-resolution dis- play that retrofits by simply removing and replac- ing an existing Radar Altimeter indicator. Typically, this eliminates panel modification and simplifies


installation. In addition, Sandel’s TrueAlert™ tech- nology increases pilot confidence by eliminating nuisance alerts, a significant problem with exist- ing terrain warning products that limits their use- fulness in helicopter operations. With TrueAlert, pilots can safely take off, cruise, hover and land at off-airport locations without triggering nui- sance alerts, while still receiving the established benefits of Class-A terrain and obstacle warnings during the entire flight. The system is complete- ly automatic and does not require pilot manage- ment of the phase of flight. When required, the ST3400H can also serve as a Primary Traffic dis- play with interface to virtually any TCAS, TAS or TCAD system currently produced. “In early September, MSP Aero successful- ly completed the HTAWS test flight


NMMC's Agusta A109C,” said Aaron Sylvester, MSP Aero’s co-owner. “The crew was impressed with the quality, display graphics and ease of operation, as well as the excellent tech support we received from Sandel,” he noted. Added Mark Taverna, another of MSP Aero’s

co-owners, “In addition to the system’s outstand- ing performance, we assisted NMMC in selecting


Sandel HeliTAWS because of its ease of installa- tion and use, and also because we were familiar with Sandel’s reliable ST3400 fixed-wing TAWS.” The NVIS-compatible HeliTAWS meets

DO-160F helicopter vibration standards and has an MTBF of more than 10,000 hours. The retail price is $18,950. Sandel Avionics, located in Vista, California,

is a privately held company that provides com- pact integrated display systems for business avia- tion, air transport and regional, and rotary-wing aircraft. Recent successes include the company’s best-selling, turbine-class ST3400 TAWS and its 4-ATI retrofit primary flight displays, and its new HeliTAWS is the helicopter industry’s first com- plete helicopter safety solution. Additional infor- mation can be found at MSP Aero LLC,

Minnesota, is an FAA-Certified Repair Station that

located in Minneapolis, specializes in helicopter and business jet

avionics. Rotor avionics specialties include 800- MHz (P25 compliant) radios, WAAS-capable GPS upgrades, Sandel HeliTAWS, FDM and STC development. Additional information can be found at abcd

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