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New Products
image distortion and improves inspection agulated metal waste formed by MetalTreat virtually all SMT components. Providing
accuracy at the edges of its large field of 4007. The final result of using the three on-the-fly component centering with top
view. The system delivers high resolution RBP MetalTreat products is a dense, solid and bottom cameras, fiducial correction,
inspection of up to 10 microns for compo- waste cake which can be easily removed bad board mark, and pattern recognition,
nents as small as 01005 and down to a 12 from a bath. the LE40V allows accurate placement of
mil pitch. 0201s, micro BGAs, CSPs, and 15 mil fine
Prices slashed on Jovy Systems RE- pitch QFPs at up to 3000 cph with ±0.001
7500 BGA rework station inch (0.025mm) placement accuracy.
AV Repair, the exclusive United States dis-
tributor for Jovy Systems, has announced
that Chinese manufacturer Jovy Systems
has slashed prices on its flagship RE-7500,
an IR BGA rework station that performs
as well as systems costing thousands more.
“With prices this low, it’s hoped that ser-
vicers will now be able to afford this tech-
nology that was once out of reach for many
servicers” says Cameron Boyd, president of
AV Repair.

New virtual Practical Dummy Com-
Tridak™ Model 455 dispensing
ponents catalog now available
valve offers patented over-stroke
The new Practical Components catalog is
designed to help engineers quickly find the
Tridak’s new Model 455 dispensing valve
key products needed to qualify their tech-
is a pneumatically operated, two-way pinch
nology, train and grow their businesses.
valve that features micrometer control over
This new catalog will be of special interest
the flow rate, ensuring that materials are
to anyone involved in PCB assembly, train-
dispensed repeatedly and accurately. The
ing, soldering and surface mount technol-
Model 455 valve has a patented over-stroke
ogy. The catalog is organized by package
adjustment, positive shut-off, and dispos-
type/category with each product accompa-
able inert wetted parts, enabling users
nied by drawings, description, part number
to obtain millions of cycles from a single
Conductive silver ink for fine line
with both lead-free and tin-lead availability
piece of tubing.
and formulations and daisy chain patterns.
Creative Materials, Inc, has introduced
Fancort introduces Pulse heat
a fine line, screen-printable, electrically

bonder for flex circuits
conductive silver ink, 125-13. This unique
New Cor-Coat family of ESD
Fancort Industries has introduced a line
protective coatings
product has a sheet resistivity of 15 mil-
of machines for pulse heat bonding and
liohm per square/mil and is suited for
Conductive Containers Inc. (CCI), a
soldering, primarily for flex circuits. The
many printed electronic applications where
charter member of the ESD Association,
machines have a variety of applications in-
fine line definition is a key performance
has announced an alliance with Plasti Dip
cluding FLEX to PCB, heat seal connectors
property. 125-13 adheres to a wide variety
International to provide the Cor-Coat
to LCD and PCB, TAB to PCB, edge con-
of substrates including excellent adhesion
family of ESD Protective Coatings to the
nectors to PCB, ribbon cables to PCB and
to polyester, polyimide and glass. Accord-
electronics industry. Immediately available
more. Microprocessor controls produce a
ing to tests conducted by CMI, 125-13 can
are a range of Cor-Coat coatings that can
precise and consistent temperature control.
be to be printed at very fine line widths
provide ESD protection on a wide variety
The unique pulsed heat thermode offers
and spaces of 3-4 mils (75-100 microns).
of substrates.
a uniform distribution of heat with rapid
heat up and cool-down.
New economic solution for
VAC645—The new compact vacuum

automated pick & place
vapour phase soldering system
New waste treatment products for
IMAGE VAC665 Inline.jpg
electronics and metal finishing
IBL introduces its recently developed
APS Novastar, LLC, introduces the LE40V
RBP Chemical Technology Inc announced
‘small’ vapour phase soldering system,
automated pick & place machine. With its
the immediately availability of three new
VAC 645. The system has been developed
small, space-saving footprint and techno-
waste treatment products for electron-
from the well-known large IBL vacuum va-
logically advanced features rivaling larger
ics and metal finishing. Operating as a
pour phase system VAC 665 and offers the
model instruments, the LE40V provides
complete waste treatment system, the three
same processing advantages. The vacuum
an economical solution for prototyping,
products include MetalTreat 530, which
vapour phase soldering system VAC645 is
product development, and short run,
precipitates metals out of solution, Met-
designed for the processing of both batch
high-mix manufacturing applications. The
alTreat 4007, which coagulates the metal
and series production and can be extended
LE40V, with Cognex® Vision System,
precipitate formed by MetalTreat 530, and
with an Inline-Module for fully automatic
provides SMT and PCB assemblers with
MetalTreat 957, which flocculates the co-
the accuracy they require for placement of Global SMT & Packaging – May 2009 – 45
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