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Show preview:SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING 2009
RMD Instruments—Stand 7-129 Speedline Technologies—Stand YXLON—Stand 7-228
Counterfeit or substandard components 7-430 YXLON International GmbH is introduc-
are a major issue facing the electronic Speedline’s Momentum stencil printer can ing the new Y.Cheetah, offering effort-
industry, and counterfeit suppliers are get- now be equipped with proven Y clamping less high-quality x-ray imaging via 1-click
ting more sophisticated. RMD Instruments EdgeLoc™ board clamping system, which solutions for a wide range of continuously
new LTRSync+ software feature takes firmly holds the board without the use of changing inspection tasks. The Y.Cheetah
advantages of the RMD LeadTracer RoHS top clamps, delivering optimal stencil to combines proven and reliable Feinfocus
XFR system’s super K-shell x-rays to allow board gasketing which is proven to yield x-ray technology with advanced high-speed
the user to identify parts that might be higher paste release efficiency. Learn more flat panel detector technology. Its innova-
substandard. Look for it at smarTec’s stand. at the GPS Technologies stand. tive manipulation capabilities take ef- ficiency in operation control and usability
to a standard unmatched in the industry.
SEHO—Stand 9-540
Vision Engineering Falcon
SEHO rolls out a new fiducial recognition
function with automatic PCB alignment
for their selective soldering systems. This ZESTRON—Stand 7-314
new software feature compensates various ZESTRON will present the new PCB
types of misalignment such as offset, rota- cleaner VIGON® A 201, an MPC®-
tional error and linear shrinkage within the cleaning agent that provides excellent
PCB. Wrongly placed PCBs are detected cleaning performance in capillary spaces.
and will not be soldered. This new software Flux residues even under low standoff com-
tool allows very accurate and repeatable ponents, such as micro BGAs, flip chips,
soldering processes in the most demanding and 01005 components, can be reliably
Vision Engineering—Stand 7-136
removed. VIGON® A 201 offers a wide
Vision Engineering has packed massive
process window and is especially suitable
Sono-Tek—Stand 7-305
technical capabilities into the new Falcon
for removing fluxes from leaded as well as
Sono-Tek Corporation launches the
three-axis non-contact video measuring
lead-free no-clean solder pastes. Its good
SelectaFlux retrofit ultrasonic selective flux-
system, delivering performance you would
compatibility with sensitive metal alloys
ing system at Rubroder GmbH Factory Au-
expect to find on systems many times the
leading to shiny solder joints after cleaning
tomation’s stand. SelectFlux is a complete,
price. Designed to be simple, but powerful,
without any additives being necessary is
ready-to-integrate ultrasonic selective flux-
accurate, but affordable, Falcon is suitable
another main advantage of the product.
ing system offering the highest degree of
for both multi-user shop-floor use and
accuracy, precision and fine-line control in
advanced manufacturing inspection ap-
the industry. The system has been designed
plications, delivering accurate results with
to retrofit into all major selective soldering
complete confidence.
machines and to offer compatibility with all
flux types, including lead-free.
Speedline Momentum
YXLON Y.Cheetah
40 – Global SMT & Packaging – May 2009
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