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6 I LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS Passion Islam I February 2010
Government extends
ban on Muslim groups
make statements that most right-
minded people find abhorrent and
who create a climate that supports
and fuels terrorism,” Security Minister
Tony McNulty said at the time.
The extension comes after
Islam4UK last week controversially
proposed march through a town
in southern England used for the
repatriation of UK soldiers killed in
Afghanistan to highlight the thousands
of Muslim civilian killed in the war.
Responding to the ban, Islam4UK
spokesman Anjem Choudary
challenge anyone to “authentically
prove that any of our members have
been involved in any violent activities
The British government announced groups were proscribed if they commit
or promoting violent activities or
Tuesday that it extends its list of or participate in acts of terrorism,
asking anyone to carry out any sort of
Muslim groups outlawed for the prepare for terrorism, promote or
military operations.”
“glorification” of terrorism even though encourage terrorism or are otherwise
“We are always at pains to stress
they are not known to be involved in concerned in terrorism.
that we are an ideological and political
the use of violence. But in 2006, al-Ghurabaa and
organisation,” Choudary said in an
“I have today laid an order the Saved Sect or the Saviour Sect,
interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today
which will proscribe al-Muhajiroun, associated with al-Muhajiroun,
Islam4UK, and a number of the other became the first to be banned
“What the people will see is if you
names the organisation goes by,” under extended powers that include
don’t agree with the government and
Home Secretary Alan Johnson said. organisations that are deemed to
you want to expose their foreign policy,
Other names used by the group, “glorify the commission or preparation
then freedom quickly dissipates and
which calls for the implantation of of acts of terrorism.”
turns into dictatorship,” he said.
Sharia laws in the UK, are believed “Glorification includes any form
The banning order is now effected
to include Call to Submission, Islamic of praise or celebration of acts of
and will make it a criminal offence to
Path and London School of Sharia. terrorism. We are therefore now able
be a member, punishable by up to 10
Under the Terrorism Act 2000, to take action against those who
years in prison.
Ethnic minorities no longer disadvantaged
People from ethnic minorities are no was pledging support to tackle the way that race and class together
longer automatically disadvantaged inequality in white working class shape people’s lives and this makes
in modern Britain, Communities areas as well as in ethnic minority the situation much more complex.
Secretary John Denham has communities. That does not mean that we should
declared. He was saying: “The Government reduce our efforts to tackle racism and
Although racism still exists, has an absolute commitment to promote race equality but we must
progress on promoting race equality eradicating racism and promoting avoid a one dimensional debate that
in the last decade helped to create a race equality. And that work will not assumes all minority ethnic people
society that is more comfortable with stop until every single person in this are disadvantaged.
diversity than ever before, he was country has the same opportunities “The landscape has changed and
saying, according to the minister’s and an equal chance of success. we have to make sure that our efforts
remarks released officially here. “Sustained action over the last 10 are tackling problems of today and
Simple assumptions linking race years has promoted racial equality not those of the past”, the minister
to disadvantage are outdated, he was and better race relations, dismantled was adding.
pointing out, with people just as likely unfair barriers faced by many and Britain has become a multi-racial
to be held back by poverty and lack of helped to nurture a society more country in the last two decades, with
opportunity. comfortable with diversity than ever the increase of communities from
In a speech to launch a review of before. ethnic minorities, commentators said.
government policy on race, Denham “New trends are emerging linked to
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