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20 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I February 2010
My story with
Islam and Hijab
By Sapigat A. Magomedova, Dagistan, Russia
I was born and raised in Dagistan impact faded away quickly. After hopes for the future. I reached a
as part of the old Soviet Union. graduation, I tried to go to Syria, conclusion that it would not be
Under the communist rule, but my repeated attempts over good to lose what I have already
religious schools were closed five years failed. learned of the Arabic Language
down and the practice of religion One day while I was walking at the College. As a result, I
in public was not allowed or, on the back of the Wolga River, decided to go to attend some of
at best, severely restricted. As I met one of my professors from the lessons my professor told me
a result, all this was done in the University. He was from about a year earlier. During these
hiding. But young people grew Egypt, and he informed me of lessons, I met some girls who had
up in a non-religious atmosphere, special Arabic language lesson recently joined the Islamic faith.
reading and memorizing the being given at various Mosques, As I got to know them closer, I
writings of Marx and Lenin. This and that I had an opportunity greatly admired their high morals
was forced on all of us in schools. to register in any of them. Even and unselfish way of dealing with
As far as I can remember, I though I had studied the Arabic others, especially Muslim sisters.
felt a sense of injustice all around Language in College, I did not We became close friends, and
me, Hence, the search for justice go far enough in mastering it. I they encouraged me to attend
was my primary concern since looked at it only as a means to the lessons, which I found to be a
childhood. I looked for it in all find an appropriate job in the good opportunity to meet with my
the institutions I attended; in future. Nevertheless, I did not go best Muslim friends.
school, in musical institutes an in to these lessons and the matter I began to learn more about
College. While at the University, was almost forgotten on my part. Islam, about the lives of the
I met professors in the first two A year later, I was sitting, various messengers and prophets
years who reinforced the sense thinking and contemplating about in the Quran. I was keen to know
of justice inside me, but their my life, what was of it and my all the details about the life of
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