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Passion Islam I February 2010 ORLD NEWSW I 15
France halal foie
gras on the menu
Snails and frogs are for the more leading meat wholesalers announced
discerning French palate but foie that demand for halal duck and halal
gras, particularly during the festive capon has been “unprecedented” in
season, is universally popular. From 2009.
Carcassonne to Calais, foie gras – According to Antoine Sfeir, the
made traditionally from goose livers, Lebanese-born founder of the
but more often now from duck livers newspaper, Cahiers de l’Orient,
- is an essential part of the feast in the reason behind the boom in
France and it appears many of the halal French delicacies is easy to
Halal foie gras isn’t cheap. It costs
country’s six million Muslims have explain: “First generation Muslims
more than standard foie gras – about
acquired the taste too. were traditionalists while the second
15 euros - but that’s because each
Sales of halal foie gras have generation were too busy working,”
tin has to receive a certificate of
increased ten-fold in the last two years, he says. “They just didn’t have the
authentication from a mosque, stating
delighting supermarket chains across means, with seven or eight kids, to that the meat conforms to halal
France. “It is one of our bestsellers, buy foie gras.” practices.
we were selling more than 30 a day” But, says Sfeir, the current Liberation has seized on the news
said the manager of a Parisian branch generation of French Muslims “feel of halal foie gras’ soaring popularity
of Carrefour, while a spokesman for a they should make more of an effort to as a positive “symbol of integration”.
Israel to build barrier
along Egyptian frontier
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Israel is also building a controversial captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.
approved plans to erect a barrier barrier in and around the occupied
along part of Israel’s border with Egypt West Bank. It says the razor-tipped
and install advanced surveillance fences and towering concrete walls
equipment to keep out illegal migrants are needed to stop suicide bombers
and militants. from infiltrating its cities. Palestinians
The project will cost 1 billion call it a land grab because it cuts
shekels ($270 million) and take two through the West Bank in places.
years to complete. The barrier will not Israel has so far built about half the
be erected along the whole border, planned 670 km (400 mile) long West
which is 266 km (166 miles) long. Bank barrier.
Advanced surveillance equipment A concrete barrier separates Israel
will help border control officers to spot from the Gaza Strip in the south and a
infiltrators. network of razor-tipped and electronic
Egyptian security sources in North fences stretches along its borders with
Sinai said Israel had not informed the Lebanon and Syria in the north.
Egyptian authorities of its plan. Egypt is building an underground
Egyptian police have stepped up barrier along its border with the
efforts in recent months to control Gaza Strip to stem Palestinian arms
the frontier with Israel following an smuggling through tunnels.
increase in human trafficking through PM Netanyahu vowed not
Egypt. At least 17 migrants have been to release several high-profile
killed by Egyptian police since May. Palestinian prisoners in exchange for
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