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Passion Islam I February 2010 SPECIAL FEATURE I 21
Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) study the Arabic Language in the One day, I woke up before
his character, his deeds and College of Arts. Fajr, prayed Qiyam, and asked
his teachings. Indeed, he is the It was like a gift from God. This God to accept me as a Muslim. I
best that God has sent to direct revived my old desire to go to an prayed with tears hoping that the
mankind to the righteous path of Arab country to study the Arabic hijab would accept me as I would
Allah. I also learned about the language and, to add to it now, accept it. In the morning, I got
close companions of the great the Islamic religion. I was joyful dressed and there was the hijab
messenger, and how strong they and thankful. on my head. I felt strange as I
were in their faith, standing ready The most difficult thing I looked different. The first thought
to defend Islam with all they have faced when I first went to Egypt that came to my mind was that
including their souls. I learned the was the need to wear the hijab. I had on my head the Islamic
real meaning of love that goes In my first few lessons, given crown of faith that God blessed
beyond one’s self; it is the live of by known Islamic scholars, I Muslim women with. I felt I had
Allah and his beloved messenger. knew that I must wear hijab; it become distinguished, and that
I felt I have found what I was is a requirement for all Muslim God has put his hand on my head
looking for; I no longer had the women. I thought before, before to protect me from others as well
feeling of injustice and spiritual I came to Egypt, that hijab was as myself. I have constantly, since
emptiness that was once about to only for old women; my mother then, thanked God for beautifying
ruin my life. has always worn it. At the my looks as He did with my
Learning the Arabic Language beginning, I thought I would not morals as a Muslim. I do love the
became a top priority in my life, look good in the hijab since I was hijab- what a blessing!
not just a means to find a good not very beautiful. I started paying This, in brief, is my story with
job in the future, but to enable me attention to the girls around me, Islam and hijab and how they
to read and understand Quran and I noticed that they looked have both dramatically changed
properly, and enjoy the great really pretty in hijab even though my life for good; indeed it’s a true
spiritual feelings that accompany they were not very beautiful. I miracle.
it. I felt so close to God. I knew believe that God helped me to Please note that the photo in
this when the University of Cairo see the prettiness of hijab in order this article is only for illustration
in Egypt sent me an invitation to for me to accept it myself. purposes.
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