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Passion Islam I January 2010 CORRESPONDENCE I 27
emailbox - comments
I trust that this email finds you in good health.
I have been reading Passion Islam magazine
for while now originally i was concerned that you
had many articles anti Israel but more and more I
read the magazine it seemed that you were only
telling how it was.
I am Jewish myself and actually I enjoy reading
text & emails
your magazine and now I understand where
you are coming from as Israel have been brutal
Send your emails to
and committed murderers acts and whilst other
mainstream media and sometimes even Arabic
media turn away and ignore what’s going on,
your magazine has highlighted NOT FICTION
but FACTUAL articles which needed to be
highlighted and I would like to congratulate you
for that and I’m sure Mr Netanyahu would be very
upset in what I have just said but who cares.
Well done and you have definitely won me over
with you magazine.
Monika - London
An excellent issue once again, I read your
magazine each, I work for Al Jazeera News and
would like to work with yourself in the near future
please provide me with the editors name, keep
up the good work vital information for Muslims
which you provide
Faheeza - London
Good issue bro, I’m really loving it what your
doing to the Mag, your the man hope to see you
in London soon.
Robin - London
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