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24 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I January 2010
A Comparative
Study of Ideologies
Fascism stands for State-controlled as useful in meeting special political Fascism denies the hedonistic
capitalistic system. Uncontrolled situations - are all internationalistic utilitarian doctrine that the summum
capitalism cannot achieve stability, or League superstructures which, as bonum is the greatest happiness of
provide employment or utilise the history shows, crumble to the ground, the greatest number, meaning by
capital resources completely. If various whenever the heart of nations is happiness only the sum of pleasures.
economic groups are unified by the deeply stirred by sentimental, idealistic Communism prophesies that the
State, private ownership could be or practical consideration. Fascism State, being always an engine of
divested of its evils and made to work carries this anti-pacifistic attitude into oppression, must finally wither away
as a beneficial system. All economic the life of the individual. ‘I do not care for Fascist State is more real than
life must be nationally directed within a damn’ ( me ne frego ), the proud the individual and is greater than the
the frame-work of private ownerships. motto of the fighting squads scrawled sum of the individuals. Strengthening
Fascism does not, generally by a wounded man on his bandages, of the State must be the ultimate
speaking, believe in the possibility is not only an act of philosophic aim, to which all individual liberty
of perpetual peace. Mussolini utters stoicism, it sums up a doctrine which and individual happiness must be
his philosophy of war and peace in is not merely political; it is evidence of sacrificed if it becomes necessary.
the following rhetorical sentences: fighting spirit which accepts all risks.” Fascism considers nationalism
“Fascism discards pacifism as a cloak “Such a conception of life makes to be an indisputable datum; it
for cowardly supine renunciation in Fascism the resolute negation of the comparison with this internationalism
contradistinction to self-sacrifice. War doctrine underlying so-called scientific is an ineffective makeshift.
alone keeps up all human energies to and Marxian socialism, the doctrine Fascist State is a totalitarian state;
their maximum tension and sets the of historic materialism which would the sovereignty of the State is total and
seal of nobility on those people who explain the history of mankind in terms indivisible and cannot be distributed
have the courage to face it. All other of the class-struggle and by changes among the citizens, as is the case
tests are substitutes which never in the processes and instruments is democracies. Mussolini’s famous
place a man face to face with himself of production, to the exclusion of all dictum expresses it forcefully in a
before the alternative of life or death. else.” few words: ‘Everything is the State,
Therefore all doctrines which postulate Fascism recognises the importance nothing against the State, nothing
peace at all costs are incompatible of economic factors but it denies that outside the State. It is Omnipotent,
with Fascism. Equally foreign to the class-struggle is the preponderating Omnipresent and Omnicompetent.’
spirit of Fascism - even if accepted agent of all social transformations. “The Fascist State lays claim to
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