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12 I ORLD NEWSW Passion Islam I January 2010
Muslims face alarming
discrimination in Europe
Effective and sustainable measures on 11 EU Cities” is the culmination part of the fabric of their cities, many
are urgently needed at the city, of over 2000 one-on-one in-depth still experience discrimination and
national and European levels to tackle interviews and more than 60 focus suspicion.
religious discrimination, according to groups with Muslim residents as well This complex situation presents
a report released by the Open Society as interviews with local government Europe with one of its greatest
Institute’s At Home in Europe Project. officials, Muslim leaders, academics, challenges on how to effectively
Europe needs to live up to its journalists, and activists in select ensure equal rights and social
promise of an inclusive, open society, neighbourhoods in seven countries. cohesion in a climate of political
said Nazia Hussein, Director of the The selected cities included and social tension, global economic
At Home in Europe project at the Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, recession, and rapidly expanding
launching of the report at the City Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, diversity.
Hall. Leicester ,London, Marseille, Paris, “There is very little official data
Switzerland’s recent ban on and Stockholm. available on Europe’s Muslim and
minarets is a clear sign that anti- The 11 city-specific reports, to minority populations. What does exist
Muslim sentiment is a real problem in be released in early 2010, highlight is either anecdotal or extrapolated and
Europe. positive examples of change at contributes to an inaccurate picture of
Too many Europeans believe the local level and analyze how Muslim communities and minorities in
that religious identity is somehow a authorities are addressing challenges Europe and a lack of understanding
barrier to integration, yet the majority related to integration in sectors such of the experiences and concerns of
of Muslims surveyed identify strongly as education, employment, health these communities,” said Hussein.
with the city and country where they and the media. This body of work, she added,
live. The role of the city is crucial About 20 million Muslims live within will offer new data on the everyday
in tackling discrimination but also the European Union, mostly in capital situation in Muslim communities
in paving the way for inclusion of cities and large industrial towns. They and concrete recommendations
different people. are a diverse and growing population for improving living conditions. “It
She said Europe’s treatment of its of citizens as well as newly arrived also points to how communities,
Muslim residents will test the Region’s migrants. regardless of faith, have largely the
commitment to equal rights. Though the majority of Muslims same concerns. Where they differ is
“Muslims in Europe: A Report are a long-standing and integral how they are treated and viewed.”
Pakistan arrests 3 suspects on spying charges
Police in Pakistan arrested three suspects raids, jointly conducted by the police and spy agents of the Indian Intelligence
on the charges of spying for the Indian Law-Enforcement Agencies (LEA), in agency RAW. They added that police has
intelligence agency and has recovered different parts of eastern Lahore city, the recovered fake national identity cards,
maps and important documents from their LEA sources told KUNA. pistols, maps of the important places of
possession. They said that the initial investigations the city and other travel documents from
The three suspects were arrested in have suggested that the suspects are their possession.
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