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Passion Islam I January 2010 ORLD NEWSW I 13
World powers have
‘failed’ Gazans
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The world has “betrayed” civilians
in the Gaza Strip by failing to end
a blockade of the enclave, 16
rights groups, including Amnesty
International and Oxfam have said.
“The international community has
betrayed the people of Gaza by failing
to back their words with effective
action to secure the ending of the
Israeli blockade which is preventing
reconstruction and recovery,” said
the report.
“It is not only Israel that has failed
the people of Gaza with a blockade
that punishes everybody living there
for the acts of a few,” said Jeremy
Hobbs, executive director of Oxfam
“World powers have also failed
and even betrayed Gaza’s ordinary
January 18.
vast majority of the population relies
citizens. They have wrung hands and
“Little of the extensive damage the on foreign aid.
issued statements, but have taken
offensive caused to homes, civilian Israel controls all but one of Gaza’s
little meaningful action to attempt
infrastructure, public services, farms border crossings, the Rafah terminal
to change the damaging policy that
and businesses has been repaired”
with Egypt, which Cairo rarely opens
prevents reconstruction.”
because of the shortages, the report
due to US-Israeli pressure.
The groups said that Israel
“Sick, traumatised and
had allowed only 41 truckloads of
Some 1,400 Palestinians (mainly
impoverished people are being
construction materials into Gaza
civilians and a third of which children)
collectively punished by a cruel,
since a devastating 22-day war
and 13 Israelis were killed during the
illegal policy imposed by the Israeli
launched by Tel Aviv nearly a year
war, which flattened portions of Gaza,
authorities,” said Kate Allen, director
ago ended with mutual ceasefires on
an impoverished territory where the
of Amnesty International UK.
“Israel’s responsibility to protect
its citizens does not give it the right to
US President approves
punish every man, woman and child
of Gaza,” she added.
The groups also urged rival
Palestinian factions to create a unified
military aid to Israel
government capable of delivering aid,
and said resistance groups should
refrain from rocket attacks from
worth 2.7 billion
The report called on European
foreign ministers to visit Gaza to
see the damage for themselves and
Prior to his departure to Climate on previous understanding and
urged the EU to do all it can to lift the
Change Copenhagen Summit, U.S. agreement between the two sides,
President Barack Obama signed the noting that in the upcoming year the
Other groups signing the report
include: Broederlijk Delen, CAFOD,
2010 foreign aid budget, which will amount would increase to USD 30
CCFD Terre Solidaire, Christian
provide USD 2.775 billion in security billion.
Aid, Church of Sweden, Diakonia,
aid to Israel, a report by Israeli The agreement between the two Finn Church Aid, Medical Aid for
newspaper (Israel today). sides also included the allocation of
Palestinians, medico international,
The newspaper added this aid a technological development aid to
medico international schweiz, Mercy
package -- which comes for the Israel for the upcoming years, the
Corps, MS ActionAid Denmark,
Trocaire, and United Civilians for
second consecutive year -- is based newspaper added.
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