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4 I LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS Passion Islam I April 2009
UK police pay £60,000 damages
over assaulting terror suspect
The Metropolitan police agreed to pay for the Islamophobic assault, which this arrogance exposes the tolerance
£60,000 damages to a British Muslim left Ahmad with over 70 injuries of Islamophobia within the police,”
man after admitting in the High Court but criticized the refusal to issue an Shadjareh said.
that anti-terrorist officers subjected apology. The police commissioner accepted
him to a prolonged series of violent “In light of the admission that that despite Ahmad offering no
assaults and religious abuse. officers ridiculed and insulted the resistance, he was subjected to a
The court heard that violent assault by at least
Babar Ahmad, a 31-year four officers, and that he was
old computer specialist, forced onto his knees into
was subjected to ‘serious the Muslim prayer position
gratuitous prolonged and taunted, “Where is your
unjustified violence’ and God now?”
‘religious abuse’ after when The admissions were
he was arrested under made on the second of the
the UK’s terrorism laws in trial which follows over five
December 2003. years of complaints and
Ahmad was litigation during which the
subsequently released police have persistently
without any charge after denied the allegations. This
being held in custody included the Independent
for six days, but was re- Police Complaints
arrested the following year Commission clearing officers
under a US extradition warrant and Islamic faith during the course of of any wrongdoing.
has remained in a British jail since torturing Ahmad, the Commissioner’s The IHRC called for a full
awaiting the outcome of his appeal to refusal to apologize is a slap in the independent inquiry into the
the European Court of Human rights. face of every Muslim in the UK,” said systematic failure of institutions to
The Islamic Human Rights IHRC chair Massoud Shadjareh. carry out their functions without bias,
Commission (IHRC) welcomed the “At a time when immense pressure saying that ‘institutional racism and
260209_148x210_STD_Passion IslamPage 1 27/02/2009 10:37:10
by the Metropolitan Police is being put on the Muslim community Islamophobia continue to fester within
Commissioner to accept full liability to work towards community cohesion, the Metropolitan Police Service’.
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