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14 I ORLD NEWSW Passion Islam I April 2009
FBI planting
spies in U.S
groups say
Ten US Muslim organizations have 21 arrest of Ahmadullah Niazi, an citizen in 2004 and made false
threatened to cease cooperation Afghanistan native. statements about his past aliases and
with the FBI, alleging that the agency “Niazi previously reported to international travel, CNN said.
covertly infiltrated California mosques (CAIR’s Los Angeles office) and other He also made false statements
and pressurised members of the community members that, during a about contact with his brother-in-law
community to become informants, a raid of a friend’s house, an FBI agent Amin ul-Haq, the indictment said. Ul-
media report said. urged Niazi to work with the agency, Haq is said to be Osama bin Laden’s
The groups have accused the saying that if he refused to cooperate [Images] security coordinator and has
FBI of sending undercover agents his life would be made a ‘living hell,’” been labelled a “specially designated
posing as worshippers into mosques CAIR was quoted as saying. global terrorist” by the US government,
and forcing Muslims to become Niazi, a member of the Islamic the indictment said.
informants. Centre of Irvine, told CAIR his arrest An FBI agent quoted as saying
The statement issued by the was retaliation for his refusal, CNN in open court that Niazi also had
American Muslim Taskforce on Civil reported. discussed terrorist plots with an
Rights and Elections, said, the FBI The FBI, the report said, directed undercover informant. Niazi has
has sent “agents provocateur” into questions about Niazi’s arrest to the pleaded not guilty to the charges
California mosques and an FBI agent US attorney’s office in Los Angeles, against him.
threatened to make one mosque California, which declined comment. CAIR’s problems with the FBI, CNN
member’s life a “living hell” if he did not Niazi, 34, was indicted last month said, began before Niazi’s arrest. Last
become an informant, CNN reported. on charges of perjury, procuring year, the FBI discontinued its “formal
Though the report does not name naturalization unlawfully, using a contact” with CAIR.
the mosque member, the Council on passport procured by fraud and The statement said the FBI
American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) making false statements. A search unjustly designated CAIR and other
had said last month it would seek warrant for Niazi’s Tustin, California, organizations as “unindicted co-
an investigation into the February home said Niazi became a naturalized conspirators”.
Israeli troops open fire at Palestinian demonstrators
Six Palestinians have been injured They threw a molotov cocktail at are part of the celebrations marking
when Israeli forces opened fire at one of the houses setting it afire, he the Palestinian “Land Day,” attracted
protesters against the Separation pointed out. a number of Israeli and foreign peace
Barrier being constructed between “We residents of the village activists, Al-Khawaja said.
Israel and the West Bank. have been organizing weekly In similar protests in Al-Ma’sara
The Israeli soldiers used live demonstrations against the tragedies village, near Bethlehem, two
ammunition, rubber bullets and we face due to the fense and against Palestinians were injured when the
teargas to disperse the protests in the displacement of some of us and Israeli soldiers dealt harshly with the
Ne’lin village located on the route the usurpation of our land behind the protesters.
of the fence dubbed as “Apartheid wall. In Bil’in, near Ramallah,
Wall,” spokesman of Ne’lin popular “We also protest against the two journalists and dozens of
campaign Salah Al-Khawaja told enhanced Jewish settlement demonstrators suffered from
reporters. expansion in the occupied Palestinian suffocation when the Israeli forces fired
“The soldiers broke into some territories and show solidarity with bullets and tear gas at participants in
houses in the centre of the village, the Arab residents of Jerusalem in a peaceful march which was bound
took their positions atop of the houses the face of the Israeli policy of ethnic to land confiscated by the Israeli
and fired at the demonstrators,” he cleansing,” he pointed out. authorities as part of the Apartheid
said. Peaceful demonstrations, which Wall project.
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