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Passion Islam I April 2009 LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS I 11
Third of working Muslim
seeking to promote opportunities
to groups often facing barriers to
employment based on ignorance or
women see themselves
68 percent of Muslim women feel
it is possible for them to reach senior
as chief executives
positions in the workplace. Two out
of three Muslim women say there is
no difference between what Muslim
and non-Muslim women want in their
careers.7 7 percent of all working
women in the survey believe it likely
that Britain will have a female Muslim
Member of Parliament in the next ten
An Ipsos MORI survey for the 75 percent of all Muslim women
Britain to
Commission about the career polled think it possible to balance a
aspirations of Muslim women reveals successful career with a family.
an ambitious group who want to play The survey was commissioned
launch Iraq
a full part in the economic future of ahead of the publication today of the
Britain. first Muslim Women Power List (see
The survey, which challenges notes to editors below). The list is a
war inquiry
assumptions that different groups Commission initiative to celebrate A full inquiry into the war in Iraq will be
do not share the same aspirations, and highlight successful role models launched soon after British troops pull
reveals a third of working Muslim and build a networking and mentoring
out later this year, Foreign Secretary
women see themselves one day legacy for, and by, Muslim women.
David Miliband said.
as Chief Executive or leader of The Commission will now link this
Miliband confirmed in parliament’s
the organisation they work for and new network with other organisations
lower House of Commons that a
Biggest immigration
probe would be set up as soon as it
was feasible.
Britain’s 4,100 troops in Iraq are
removal centre opens
due to complete their mission by
May 31, with the pullout set to be
completed by July 31. Some 400
troops are due to remain in a non-
combat role, largely naval training.
During a debate on a full
independent inquiry, Conservative
opposition lawmaker Edward Leigh
said: “So he can give a commitment,
then, can he, that we will set up this
inquiry, as soon as practicable after
the 31 of July?”
Miliband replied simply: “Yes.” The
British government has repeatedly
rejected calls for a full inquiry to
The Home Secretary has opened nationals faster, we’re making it more
be held while troops are still on
Britain’s biggest immigration removal difficult than ever to stay in the UK
centre, increasing this country’s total illegally.’
operational duty in Iraq, saying it
detention capacity to nearly 3000 The UK Border Agency plans to
would be inappropriate.
beds. increase detention housing by 60%
The inquiry will likely examine the
Brook House is built next to by 2012. This includes building a new
circumstances leading up to Britain’s
Gatwick Airport, has 426 beds, and 370-bed wing in the Harmondsworth
decision to join the US-led invasion in
will hold male illegal migrants and removal centre near Heathrow Airport March 2003, and its aftermath. Anti-
foreign criminals. by 2010. war campaigners have been pressing
The Home Secretary said, ‘I’m The Home Office has also
the government for years to hold such
committed to removing more foreign submitted two planning applications
an inquiry.
lawbreakers faster than ever before, for centres at Bullingdon in Oxfordshire
Miliband said there were
that’s why the opening of this and Yarl’s Wood in Bedfordshire. A
“important lessons to be learnt” from
immigration removal centre is so decision on which site is pursued will
important. depend on the planning process.
the conflict, but “the time to focus on
‘By expanding our detention In 2008, 66,275 individuals were
an official inquiry is when the troops
capacity and working closely with removed or left voluntarily from the
come home to safety, not when they
countries to re-document foreign UK.
are still exposed to danger in Iraq.”
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