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22 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I April 2009
Aasiyah, the wife of Fir’own. Her Eeman transgressive-disbelieving people.] - better for him. And if something harmful
in Allah thrived under the shadow of Tahreem 66/11 befalls him he is patient (Saabir) and it
someone that said, “I am your Lord, In the hadith of Jibreel, when he becomes better for him. And this is only
Most High!” When news reached came to the Prophet (SAL ALLAHU for the Mu’mmin.”
Fir’own of his wife’s Eeman he beat ALAYHI WA SALLAM) and asked him Ibn Al-Jowzee said, “If this Dunya
her and commanded his guards to beat about Islam, Eeman, and Ihasan, the was not a station of tests it would not be
her. They took her out in the scalding Prophet SAL ALLAHU ALAYHI WA filled with sicknesses and filth. If life was
noon heat, tied her hands and feet and SALLAM said about Eeman, “Eeman not about hardship, then the Prophets
beat her perpetually. Who did she turn is to believe in Allah, His angels, His and the pious would have lived the
to? She turned to Allah! She prayed, books, His Messengers, the Final Day, most comfortable of lives. Nay, Adam
“My lord, build for me a home with you and the divine decree, the good and the suffered test after test until he left the
in Paradise and save me from Fir’own bad thereof.” ( we shall conclude with Dunya. Nuh cried for 300 years. Ibrahim
and his deeds and save me from the the last article of Eeman: to believe in was thrown into a pit of fire and later
transgressive people.” the Divine decree, the good and the told to slaughter his son. Ya’qub cried
It was narrated that when she said bad thereof.) until he became blind. Musa challenged
this, the sky opened for her and she saw As you and I travel though life we Fir’own and was tested by his people.
her home in Paradise. She smiled. The find ourselves in one of two situations. Eeasa had no provision except the
guards watched astonished, she’s being Either something good is happening morsels his disciples provided him with.
tortured and she smiles? Frustrated, in our lives and in which case - as And Muhammad (Sal Allahu Alayhi wa
Fir’own commanded a boulder to be Muslims- our role is to thank Allah for Sallam) met poverty with patience, his
brought and dropped on Aasiyah, to the blessing. Or something bad is uncle - one of the most beloved relatives
crush her to death. But Allah took her happening to us, something we dislike to him - was slain and mutilated and his
soul before the boulder was brought and our role here is to be patient (Sabr). people disbelieved in him ... And the list
and she became an example for all the This is the formula for a happy life, a life of Prophets and the pious goes on and
believing men and women till the end cruising towards the pleasure of Allah. on.”
of time: Sabr or Shukr, the worry stops here. What happens to us happens by the
[And Allah has set forth an example The Messenger of Allah (SAL will of Allah. It is an article of our Eeman
for those who believe: the wife of ALLAHU ALAYHI WA SALLAM) said, in Qada’ and Qadr that we are pleased
Fir’own (Pharaoh) - when she said, “My “Strange is the affair of the Mu’min (the with Allah’s choice, Good or seemingly
Lord, Build for me a home with You in believer), verily all his affairs are good bad it is all the test of this Dunya. How
Paradise, and save me from Fir’own for him. If something pleasing befalls could we imagine that we shall not be
and his deeds, and save me from the him he thanks (Allah) and it becomes tested when those who were better than
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