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2 I LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS Passion Islam I April 2009
Masajid’s need to be
the Passion
more media active
Sheikh Imran
Sub Editor
The Masajids and Islamic than sometimes some of us know so you are asking, why does this
organisations AGM’s have gone and ourselves, they do a job which they happen? is it just bad luck or wrong
the dust has settled in some places feel are protecting our security, right timing, actually none of them, its just
new fresh dawn has broken and for or wrong they know 99.9% of the that we as a Muslim community are
some the old guards are still strong Muslims are law abiding citizens. not well organised, when a story
as ever, which ever way you look all But when it comes to the media, breaks the first thing our ‘community
across the UK the new teams and they really haven’t got a clue, leaders/representatives’ should do is
the old ones have to strive foreword considering they should research come out invite all the press and do
to unite more than ever and work into news stories but because of a press statement, each Masajid’s
together to open the Masajids to time and getting news on air or should have this system in place this
show we have nothing to hide, the press deadlines and off course is the only way we can get our voice
more you close yourself in the further selling papers a juicy story about heard.
you get away from the reality, its not Muslims really does sell and we I The hope is that new or old,
just about practicing your faith but to guess always shoot ourselves in the the Masajid’s committee’s need to
preach it and show it to others. foot. change and buckle up and go forward
The government/police are not The media seems to always get it’s the only way, working with the
the people we need to convince, hold of a person who reflects none media to tackle misconceptions and
they know about our faith more of the people in the community, be open to them.
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Fire service introduces hijab
head scarves for Muslim workers
Pop into the firestation and the Lincolnshire, declared the uniforms firefighters and encourage
chances are there’d be a group would help ‘bust’ the ‘ traditional others to consider a fire
of reassuringly burly men in there image of the hunky, British, white, service career.’
waiting for the call out, with uniforms male, firefighter’ ‘The uniform now
and firefighting suits tailored for their ‘There are no better positive available shows that
use alone. role models than women and ethnic cultural beliefs are
The one or two women among recruits in these uniforms, and being recognised, as
them would have to make do with ill- hopefully they will encourage people we seek to increase
fitting adaptations of the men’s outfits to join,’ he added. the representation
while the handful of Muslim women Firemen in Lincolnshire will be of ethnic minorities
in the service would be wearing their the first to try out the new national within service.’
own headscarfs. uniform which also includes sports However, in
But, with the fire service anxious and maternity wear. England’s Fire and
to attract recruits of all sexes and Fire minister Sadiq Khan added: Rescue Service
backgrounds, it was decided that ‘We want the widest range of only 5.5 per cent
something had to be done. applicants to apply to join the fire and of all staff are
The results were uneveiled, rescue service. from a minority
including full-length skirts, hijab ‘To achieve this, it is important ethnic background
headscarfs and long- sleeved shirts that all applicants - men and women and 3.3 per cent are women.
for Muslim women recruits. - know that the uniform and clothing Jagtar Singh, spokesman for the
The hope is that the uniforms, they will be issued with will not only Asian Fire Service Association, said:
designed for wearing round the protect them but will also fit properly ‘We are pleased to note that the fire
station and for outings such as school and be comfortable. service is now taking seriously the
trips, will be smarter and better fitting ‘The introduction of more issues of culture and religious belief
for every firefighter - even the men. appropriately fitted clothing is just one when purchasing corporate and
Mike Thomas, Chief Fire Officer for initiative to help to both retain female protective clothing for firefighters.’
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