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Great Savings on Wishon’s Best-Selling Designs

The new 950HC features a traditional shape and size but with superb modern fitting options. Constructed from three different steels – HS300 high strength steel alloy for the face, 17-4 stainless steel for the body and, crucially, 304 Stainless Steel for the hosel. The softer hosel allows for easy hosel bending to customise for both lie and face angle changes. The 950HC has a more traditional 34mm face height with new semi-cup face construction to ensure maximum COR and fantastic off centre forgiveness for a fairway wood design. This versatile head also features two weight bores for a wide range in length, shaft weight and swingweight options.

Available in RH in #3 (14.5º), #4 (16.5º), #5 (18º), #7 (21º), and #9 (24.5º) with parallel .335” hosel bore.

950HC Fairway Woods



C D E £54.95 £53.95 £52.95 £51.95 £50.95

Tom Wishon Golf is the leader in professional custom clubfitting design and technology, producing original, high performance components available only for custom fit to each individual golfer, through professional custom clubmakers world-wide. Tom Wishon’s reputation for producing very high quality club heads is furthered this year with the arrival of the 950HC Fairway Wood and newly redesigned 304 Micro Groove Wedges. For a limited period we are offering both models with a 10% discount, along with two more of our best-selling Wishon models – 771CSI irons and the 775HS Hybrids.


This is a modern hybrid design made with a thin face and high COR performance for increased ball speed at impact. Designed with a split level, narrowed primary sole width for more consistent shot-making from either fairway or rough. The face progression of 775HS hybrid is in between an iron and a fairway wood to offer an appearance that generates more confidence at address. As with the 950HC fairway woods, the 775HS hybrid is constructed from 3 different steels – HS300 in the face, 17-4 for the body and 304 for the hosel. This makes the clubhead very versatile for bending custom options of lie & face angle.The head has two weight bores further expanding it’s custom options and has a .335 parallel bore.

775HS Hybrid Irons



C D E £49.95 £48.95 £48.25 £47.50 £46.95 • •

The most popular iron in our range has a superb high .830 COR face, which is made from HS300 high strength steel, and produces very high ball speeds and increased distance. The CNC machined variable thickness face also offers fantastic off center hit performance. The body being constructed from soft 1020C carbon steel allows +/- 4º bending for loft and lie. The 771CSI is a lower offset design with fully radiused sole and rounded leading edge, making this iron very playable from all types of grass & conditions. Finished in electroplated bright satin NiCr for a long lasting ‘new’ look the 771CSI is available in RH #4-9, PW, AW and LH #4-9, PW and has a .370” parallel hosel bore. The 771 CSI irons will suit any standard of player wanting to maximum distance with the utmost off center hit performance, all in a head shape, size and profile that is very traditional.

On ALL models featured here Offer valid until 30.11.15




771CSI Irons




E £34.50 £33.95 £33.50 £33.10 £32.75 E £29.95 £29.50 £29.10 £28.75 £28.40

This popular wedge series was redesigned for 2015, with a unique custom sole grind to increase playability for more

types of shots. •

The 304 wedges have a zero bounce heel grind for more consistency when the face is opened for finesses and cut shots.

The front sole has a knock down grind for low, driving, hands forward shots without digging the leading edge into the turf.

The centre to rear sole grind has conventional bounce for normal shots from all lie conditions.

Available in RH #2 (18º), #3 (21º), #4 (24º), #5 (27º), #6 (31º) and in LH #3 (21º). 6

Constructed from investment cast 8620 Carbon Steel and finished with a beautiful NiCr plating this stunning wedge features a classic tear-drop face profile and low offset. Available in RH AW (52º), SW (56º), LW (60º) and in LH SW (56º) with .370” parallel hosel bore.

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304HM Micro Groove Wedges

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