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FIELDREPORT Meanwhile, the

development of other aspects like shaſt and grip technology will always keep Rollinson’s department on its toes

One thing that is genuinely new in the line-up, however, is that 2-Ball

Fang. Visually the two-ball part looks pretty similar to previous iterations of the model; but the two arcs of metal sweeping back from toe and heel confirm this as a genuinely new beast. “Everything we’ve learned about shaping, MOI and using multi

materials we have put into this putter,” Rollinson insists. “With any mallet putter we are looking to keep the centre of gravity low and deep; when you achieve this, the putter creates some vertical gear effect on putts struck in the centre or higher in the face. That knocks some backspin off, helping the ball achieve true roll quicker and aiding the golfer’s distance control. “With previous 2-Balls, the metal flange at the top tended to do the

opposite, pulling the weight up. So we replaced it with a generic plastic, which proved to be the best material for weight saving and the sound it generated. It’s enabled us to move the COG about 20% lower while maintaining its depth, which is important.” That change, plus those fangs, have also helped the 2-Ball Fang

register an MOI increase of some 40% over the previous version. “It’s easily the most forgiving 2-Ball we’ve ever made,” Rollinson adds. While putting all your best technologies into one range may indeed

create a definitive line of putters, it could in some quarters be seen as an all-eggs-in-one-basket manoeuvre leaving little room for progress in the immediate future. It’s a notion Rollinson swats away. “We are looking at five new insert technologies as we speak,” he reveals. “There are always things you could have done better, and it’s my job to make sure we have projects ongoing in all apsects of putter design.” Meanwhile, the development of other aspects like shaſt and grip

technology will always keep Rollinson’s department on its toes. “Superstroke grips have shown how innovation can work, and we

Odyssey Works line RRP: £149-189 Models: #1, #1 wide, #7, #9, Rossie1+2, V Line, 2-Ball, 2- Ball Fang Weight: 350-360g (Tank 380g) Loſt: 3º

must work with these things,” he says. “These fatter grips put the handle more in the palms, which make it feel lighter. We need to take that into account. Works putters weigh 350g; our old Dual Force putters were just 323g. “We’ve been delighted with the response to the Works series; but

believe me, there are still plenty of areas for us to explore moving forward.” SGBGOLF 25

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