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If there’s one phrase which has become familiar to journalists interviewing golf professionals over the last few years who have adopted Foresight Sports technology, it’s “no-brainer”.

install a golf simulator, almost to a man – or woman – they confirm their decision was a “no brainer”. Choosing Foresight technology has increased their revenue streams and turned what was previously a seasonal business into a 52-week-a-year operation. Those who embraced the technology early


have enjoyed the fruits of their vision for a number of years; recent adopters will have their best winter trading period ever. It extends the season for golf professionals who will no longer lose lessons to the weather – indeed, they will be booking more lessons and fittings than ever before.

hen explaining why they’ve chosen to adopt the technology for coaching and fitting, create a swing room, or

professional is planning to increase their revenues and profits by offering their services indoors, there is only one technology that delivers trusted, accurate data. Not only did we design the GC2 and HMT to provide the most accurate ball and club data in the industry, but also to work perfectly indoors and outside. No other system can make that claim. “And because we use cameras, not radar, to

directly measure what the ball and club are doing, our customers don’t need to find some huge indoor space to use our systems. If you can safely swing a golf club you can teach and fit indoors with the GC2. Some of the spaces we’ve installed into have been remarkable: stock cupboards, buggy parks, and greenkeeping sheds. And where customers can’t find a dedicated space for the technology they use it with a pop-up net in the bar or dining room, having moved a few tables and chairs to one side. “Of course where a pro or club has more space

they tend to install one of our full simulators. Hanbury Manor recently converted a snooker room; Panshanger Golf Complex installed their simulator into a squash court, both of which were generating very little revenue. At clubs like Llantrisant they’ve knocked through and

Previously, providing professional services

indoors was not possible as the existing analysis systems could not provide sufficiently accurate data. But the launch of Foresight’s Game Changer 2 – the only launch monitor specifically designed and built from the ground up to provide pure data indoors or outside – changed all that. For the first time, a golf professional can work indoors with the same trusted accuracy of data and ball-flight as they would see on the range. Ed Doling, European sales director for Foresight Sports, explained: “If a golf


extended the pro shop; at Hartley Wintney, it was a buggy shed. However they install, it revolutionises their business. “And when you consider that for just £25 (plus

vat) per day you can install a complete, state-of- the-art Foresight simulator, you can see why it’s a ‘no brainer’. Just one lesson, fitting or hour’s hire for play or practice pays for the simulator. Everything else is profit. “Players are now familiar with the use of

technology – they understand what it can do for them, whether for coaching or club-fitting. And having technology has become a necessity for clubs and pros alike. As pros and committees sit down to discuss winter plans, Foresight technology should be the first item on the agenda.” The last word should go to 56-year-old Martin

Smith, head professional at Hartley Wintney, who said: “It’s an absolute no brainer. It changes the business dramatically. I wish I’d done it earlier. It’s the best thing I’ve done in business for a long time.”

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