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Roger Kiley (JD ‘04) was as one of five attorneys in Taft’s Chicago office included in Illinois Rising Stars 2014.

Basak Taspinar (MS ‘04) relo- cated to Istanbul in 2010 and is the founder of a startup,—a local services marketplace. Armut recently secured its Series A funding from European VC Hummingbird Ventures.

Joshua E. Liebman (JD ‘04) was made partner at Novack and Macey LLP, a business and commercial litigation firm based in Chicago. Liebman joined the firm in 2007. His practice concentrates on commer- cial litigation, intellectual prop- erty, and professional negligence defense.

Andrew F. O’Neill (JD ‘05) was pro- moted to partner in the corporate reorganization, and bankruptcy group in the Chicago office of Sidley Austin, LLP.

Tiffani Mitchell (MS ‘06, MBA ‘07) has joined Marketing Werks, a

Crossmark company, as director of social and digital strategy.

Jan C. Stewart (JD ‘06), a finance and securities attorney, has been promoted to partner at Mayer Brown, LLP.

Gregory J. Leighton (JD ‘06) was promoted to partner and member of the intellectual property and tech- nology transactions practice group of Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg, LLP.

Norah L. Jones (JD ‘06) was named to the 2014 Illinois Super Law- yers Rising Stars list for nonprofit organizations.

Ryan A. Walsh (JD ‘06) has been promoted to partner at Hamilton Thies & Lorch LLP.

Givonna L. Long (JD ‘06), an associ- ate at Ulmer & Berne, LLP, has been selected as one of the 2014 Illinois Rising Stars.

Rebecca Barnett (JD ‘08) is now counsel with Stites & Harbison, PLLC, serving from both the Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee, offices.

Kathryn L. Kammer (JD ‘08) was elected to the board of directors for the North West Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action As- sociation. She specializes in employ- ment and educational law at Miller Nash, LLP in Portland, Oregon.

Laura Berthold (BA ‘08) celebrated her fifth anniversary at Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project. She is work- ing to recover the population of the endangered Maui Parrotbill by mon- itoring the current population and replanting the native forests where the birds will be reintroduced.


Michael Stahl (BBA ‘10) was named one of the top 10 college unit direc- tors by Northwestern Mutual. In addition to his day-to-day financial planning business, Stahl leads the team that recruits on college cam- puses for internships and full-time positions.

Heather R. Liberman (JD ‘10), associate at Leavens, Strand, Glover, & Adler, LLC, in Chicago, contrib- uted to the book Music Law for the General Practitioner. It was written by Thomas R. Leavens and was published by the American Bar Asso- ciation. Liberman also was chosen as a 2014 Super Lawyers Rising Star in intellectual property and entertain- ment law.

Remi Alli (MJ ‘11) was awarded the top prize in the American Judges Association’s 25th Annual Law Stu- dent Essay Competition for having written the top essay in the nation. Her essay, “The Psychology Behind International Trafficking Law,” will be considered for publication in the AJA’s journal, Court Review.

Kurt Schackmuth (PhD ‘12) was named vice president for Mission and Academic Services at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois, where he has worked for 16 years.

Pamela J. Laz (MUND ‘85) Mary Ellen Lensing (BSN ‘44) Donald J. Leuck (MSIR ‘62) Mary A. Lignowski-Buyka (MUND ‘54) Robert H. Lins (PhB ‘50) Dennis J. Lisack (BS ‘66) Sam A. Li Vacari (DDS ‘50) Steven C. Lundquist (JFRC ‘77-’78, BA ‘79) Kathleen A. Magnuson (MUND ‘75) Mary Margaret Maher (MPS ‘78) Janet M. Mann (MUND ‘53) Guido E. Markionni (MEd ‘57) Thomas F. McGinn (BA ‘74) Gerald T. McGovern (MRE ‘70) Terrence E. McGovern (MA ‘83, PhD ‘90) Malcolm B. McGregor (MPS ‘90) Philip J. McGuire (BA ‘56, JD ‘62) Ann A. Meighan (MEd ‘63) Roland G. Meinert (MSW ‘57) Robert L. Miley (DDS ‘53) Shelmerdeane A. Miller (MUND ‘62) Virginia M. Modry (MUND ‘46) Patrick J. Molohon (JD ‘58) Henry R. Moore (MEd ‘73) Walter F. Mulvihill (BA ‘49) Michael J. Murphy (BBA ‘82, MBA ‘94) Hildegarde Myers (BS ‘49) Phoebe A. Mylott (MUND ‘50) Noel F. Narut (MD ‘73) Stephen M. Nichin (BBA ‘76)

Daniel P. Noftz (MBA ‘74) James M. O’Brien (BS ‘67) Patrick C. O’Connor (BS ‘61) Robert J. O’Connell (PhB ‘50) Kathryn A. Olafson (MEd ‘92) Lyle E. Oncken (MSIR ‘73) Rita O’Neil (BSN ‘72) Mario D. Oriatti (MD ‘55) Severene J. Orth (MEd ‘63) Phyllis K. Owen (MUND ‘64) Matilda C. O’Toole (BS ‘55) Gilbert E. Pacey (PhD ‘79) Betty B. Paden (EdD ‘70) Eben O. Palmquist (PhD ‘81) William A. Pales (JFRC ‘62, BS ‘63) Kathryn M. Pecho (MUND ‘48) Thomas N. Pelton (MRE ‘74) Dolores R. Pencz (MUND ‘60) William R. Penrice (BA ‘49) Daniel R. Perkovich (BSBA ‘60) Franklin L. Perkins (MD ‘78) Athlyn Petey Hansen (MA ‘63) Ruthanne P. Peters (BA ‘73) Norman R. Phillips (PhD ‘75) Dimitra Photopoulos (BA ‘86) Dorothy S. Pielet (MA ‘95) Stanislaw A. Piwowarski (MSW ‘62) Stanley J. Porembski (BSBA ‘56) John Powell, S.J. (MA ‘50) Walter J. Powers Jr. (BBA ‘59, MEd ‘66)

Marion P. Primomo (MD ‘47) Mary E. Quinlivan (MA ‘64) Marlese Rathslag (BSN ‘53) Dennis W. Redmond (BS ‘77) Melvin C. Richards Jr. (BSC ‘54) Richard A. Ricks-Jackson (BBA ‘96) Robert L. Riley (BSC ‘49) Robert J. Riordan (PhB ‘50) Santo L. Ruggero (MD ‘46) Beverlene L. Ruiz (BSN ‘55) Jane Annette Rutz (MUND ‘67) Nora F. Scannell (MUND ‘50, BS ‘56) Donald E. Schleitwiler (BSC ‘51) Robert D. Schrantz (MD ‘55) Rosemary Scola (MUND ‘79) Rita A. Scotti (JFRC ‘63-’64, BS ‘65) John N. Scuderi (BS ‘61) James S. Siegmund (BA ‘87) Ronald S. Sipowich (MA ‘66) Claire Smith (MD ‘75) Richard E. Smith (DDS ‘55) Thomas P. Smith (JD ‘58) Edward L. Soelter (BSC ‘47) Dorcel Spengler (MUND ‘51) Anita Starpins Kohl (BS ‘66) Beatrice H. Stephens (MUND ‘44) Renee Ellen Stern (MSIR ‘66) Donald C. Sturm (DDS ‘53) John M. Sullivan (JD ‘58) Robert C. Sullivan (MD ‘66, MRES ‘73)

William J. Tansey (BS ‘57, MD ‘61, MPS ‘01) Thomas Thanasouras (DDS ‘58) John P. Tiedeman (MD ‘44) James F. Trick (MRE ‘73) Thomas J. Truty (MBA ‘76) Marie C. Ventresca (MUND ‘41) Kathleen A. Vida (MUND ‘64) Perry Voornas, DDS (BS ‘51) Kenneth Joseph Vydra (BS ‘64) Jerome J. Wachter (BSEd ‘52, MEd ‘60) Mary Wachenheim (MA ‘61) Joan L. Waddick (MUND ‘50) Charles E. Waggner (JD ‘65) Kevin D. Wall (MEd ‘99) Bonnie L. Wallschlaeger (BA ‘74) John V. Walsh (BSC ‘50) Damien J. Ward Jr. (BSC ‘50) Donald E. Wedgbury (MD ‘67) John J. Wesolowski (BBA ‘70) John Westley (BA ‘73, JD ‘78) Oliver H. Whetstone (MD ‘54) Barbara J. White (MSW ‘75) Joseph M. Wimpffen (BSBA ‘62) Alfred K. Wiora (BBA ‘68) Ronald S. Wos (BA ‘61, MA ‘69) Laurence T. Youhn Jr. (BS ‘57, MSIR ‘61) Michael J. Zasiebida (BBA ‘70) George H. Zimny, PhD (MA ‘49) Christine Zivile (MUND ‘75)



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