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What’s next?

At Maywood, one can see the new $150 million Center for Translational Research located just east of the Stritch School of Medicine and around the corner from the new nursing building. At Water Tower, faculty and students can see the Schreiber Center under construction for the Quinlan School of Business (see page 4). And, in Rome, at the Cuneo Campus, or out at the Retreat and Ecology Campus, students enjoy new facilities and new academic programs. This is the result of hard work on the part of many talented administrators and faculty. New programs inaugurated by deans and faculty, with generous support from friends and alumni, have reinvigorated university life. In sum, they add up to nearly everything we set out to accomplish in the 2009–2014 strategic plan: “Achieving Academic Excellence.” The question of what’s next is one we are tackling with

intense vigor and serious reflection. How do we build on our present strengths in recruitment and our strong academic reputation? And, equally important, what do we build? Five years ago, we decided to renew our commit- ment to undergraduate education and recruited more full-time faculty. We designed a comprehensive four-year baccalaureate program built on a revised core curriculum that stresses engaged and active learning and skills such as communication and computation. We also made a commitment to complete the refurbishment of our teach- ing and learning environments as well as residence halls. Finally, the previous plan stressed investment in medicine, law, and business. All that is visible today as we draw close to the final days of the previous plan.

I get this sort of question often. The question usu-

ally comes from faculty or alumni after they see or hear of the impressive changes that have been accomplished over the last five years. Hard work and friends have made the new Loyola possible. There are new buildings on each cam- pus. Our labs and classrooms are up to date. Our libraries are now the “learning and communication commons” that mark vibrant and forward-moving universities. There are new residence halls and a new student center.

So, “What’s next?” is no rhetorical question. In meet-

ings around campus these past few months, it is clear that there is a new opportunity for involving all schools and facets of Loyola in a reflection on our social justice mission. Maybe it’s the “Pope Francis effect.” Maybe it’s the result of older and newer faculty who have an abiding interest in wanting to make a difference, not only in the lives of their students, but also, through their research and service work, in the quality of life for those around us, especially those who are less fortunate in our Chicago community, and marginalized people around the globe. Our next strategic plan—the 2015–2020 plan—will em-

phasize how each member of the LUC community—fac- ulty, students, and staff—will work to make a difference. We’ll be drawing on our rich tradition in Catholic Social Thought and on inspiration from the new Pope, who has urged those of us with the benefits of education and material resources to reach out, to learn from, and to truly engage our brothers and sisters. His talks and writings consistently challenge us to share the goods of this earth, including the duty to preserve its precious resources, and to justly share them. This is our agenda for the next six months: How can we become an even more Jesuit and Catholic institution that truly serves others? Stay tuned for more on how we plan to move Loyola into being an even more focused and dedicated community fostering a better and more just world.


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