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Keith E. Emmons (JD ‘74), a prin- cipal at Meyer Capel in Champaign, Illinois, has been appointed to the board of directors of the Illinois Bar Foundation, the charitable arm of of the Illinois State Bar Association.

Michael Nugent (BA ‘74) has served on the Child Advisory Protection Board of the archdiocese of Wash- ington, DC, since 2002. He resides in Arlington, Virginia, with his wife of almost 39 years. They have two chil- dren: one flies the F-15E Strike Eagle; the other is a mechanical engineer specializing in HVAC office renova- tions in the Washington area.

Marilyn Maida (BSN ’75, MSN ’78) is the co-author of AANN Clinical Practice Guidelines Care of the Brain Tumor Patient.

Dimitri Sala (BA ‘77) announces the release of his previously published book, The Stained Glass Curtain, in Spanish: La Cortina de Vitrales. The book discusses the foundation of the relationship between Catholics and evangelical Protestants. The English and Spanish versions are available in print or electronically from publisher Creation House (Casa Creacion).

Suzanne Alto (MSW ‘78) is enjoying semi-retirement, working part-time as a social work consultant and caring for granddaughter Corinna, who is 4.

Joan Gummels (BA ‘81) has been appointed general counsel of the Missouri Attorney General’s Office. Gummels has served three Missouri attorneys general, working in sev- eral divisions of the office including Litigation, Criminal Appeals, and Governmental Affairs. Since 2012, she has been director of policy and communications.

Joe Paprocki (BA ’81, MPS ’85) recently wrote Under the Influence of Jesus: The Transforming Experience of Encountering Christ, published by Loyola Press. The book captures the enthusiasm of the early Church that led people to conclude that the Apostles must have been drinking when, in truth, they were inebriated with the Holy Spirit. Paprocki is in his 12th year as national consultant for Faith Formation for Loyola Press, a Jesuit ministry.

Karyn Israel (MUND ‘82) holds a Master of Music degree from North- western University. She teaches kin- dergarten through fifth-grade music full time at Fairview South School in Skokie and is president of the Fairview Teachers’ Association. Israel has presented music educational ses- sions at workshops and conferences: Her most recent presentations were at the Midwest Kodaly Music Educa- tors of America 2013 Conference and the ESEA NCLB (No Child Left Behind) 2014 Illinois Annual Statewide Con- ference. Israel is also a volunteer for the American Cancer Society.


Nancy Bechtol (MEd ‘80) completed a 99-minute documentary to be released this year.

Jeff Ginsburg (BA ‘80, MSW ‘99), a mediator with the circuit court of Cook County, has published the nov- el Cherryland, a suspenseful romance set in Door County, Wisconsin.

David Wesse (JD ’82) has been ap- pointed vice chancellor for financial and administrative affairs at Loui- siana State University, Alexandria. Wesse was vice chancellor for finance and administrative services.

Christopher Heroux (BA ‘82) was made partner at Kutak Rock LLP in Denver.

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