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Julie Caron Sims (MSW ‘92) will re- ceive the NASW Illinois West Central District 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to social work and those served by social workers.

Jim Navarre (JD ‘93) was named a leading lawyer in the areas of per- sonal injury, professional malprac- tice, and criminal defense law. He is a partner at Mossing & Navarre, LLC.

Jeffrey Antonelli (BA ‘96) wrote “Torrent Wars: Copyright trolls, legitimate IP rights, and the need for new rules vetting evidence and to amend the Copyright Act,” published by the Illinois State Bar Association’s Intellectual Property section. His firm, Antonelli Law, focuses on BitTorrent copyright infringement defense, business counsel and litigation, and educa- tion fraud.

Paige Ehlman (BA ‘96) recently opened her own non-union talent agency, Paige Model & Talent, in the Chicago area. She represents

models and actors for work in print, television, film, voice-over, and more.

Cristin M. Obsitnik (JD ‘97) was named partner at law firm Drinker Biddle & Reath. Obsitnik is a mem- ber of the firm’s employee benefits and executive compensation prac- tice group and the ESOP team in the Chicago office. She specializes in tax-and non-qualified deferred compensation retirement plans.

Stanley F. Orszula (JD ‘98), a part- ner at Quarles & Brady, was selected as one of the 2014 Illinois Super Lawyers in the area of banking.

Kim Walberg (JD ‘99) was one of five attorneys in Taft’s Chicago of- fice included in Illinois Rising Stars 2014.


Elizabeth A. Yablonicky (JD ‘00) has been named a Partner at Baker & McKenzie LLP.

Dong Han (BS ‘00) is chief of neuropsychology service’s clinical section at the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the University of Kentucky’s Col- lege of Medicine. He serves as the medical director of the neuropsy- chology division at the University of Kentucky’s Albert B. Chandler Medical Center and recently was elected president of the board of directors at the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky.

Christiane McKnight (BA ‘01) has been named associate attorney in the New York office of Kaufman & Co., PLLC. McKnight focuses her practice on complex litigation and

appeals at the district and appellate court levels.

Thomas E. Strunk (MA ‘01, PhD 05) was granted tenure and was promoted to associate profes- sor at Xavier University, where he teaches Latin and Greek in the Classics and Modern Languages Department.

Courtney E. Mayster (JD ‘01) was promoted to co-chair of the real es- tate group at the law firm of Much Shelist of Chicago.

Timothy Lacy (MA ’02, PhD ’06) wrote The Dream of a Democratic Culture: Mortimer J. Adler and the Great Books Idea (Palgrave Macmil- lan, 2013). The book derived from his Loyola dissertation, finished in 2006 under the direction of Profes- sor Lewis Erenberg.

Winnalynn Nacu Kantaris (JD ‘02) joined the firm of Anderson, McCoy & Orta as a senior associate. AM&O is a leading law firm in the commer- cial mortgage securities industry.


Donald A. Anderson (DDS ‘42) Gerald L. Andriole (MD ‘48) Joseph F. Arns (BSBA ‘58) Tajuana Anderson (BA ‘99) James C. Annarino (DDS ‘64) Joseph F. Arns (BSBA ‘58) Judy P. Baer (MUND ‘79) Colette B. Bailey (MBA ‘80) Forest Bailey (BSEd ‘69) Edward J. Bankmann (BBA ‘65) James C. Banas (BA ‘74) Michael L. Baraff, DDS (DRES ‘76) Joanne Beegan (MUND ‘63) Vincent E. Bentivenga (BS ‘57) Richard H. Best (MRE ‘76) Leland E. Bitner (DDS ‘63) Harvey J. Blanchet (DDS ‘73) Rosemary C. Blozie (BSN ‘57) Mary S. Bologna (MUND ‘61) Mary Elizabeth Born (MRE ‘76) Estelle R. Bradley (EdD ‘73) Fred L. Brandstrader (BA ‘62, MA ‘73, MPS ‘85)

Joseph J. Bredemann Sr. (BA ‘48) Ruth Bremner (MUND ‘70) Patrick J. Brennan (BA ‘69) Robert V. Brennan (BSBA ‘69)

Joseph R. Bruckner (BS ‘69) Nancy J. Buckler (BS ‘61, MEd ‘65) John C. Budz (BS ‘64) John J. Bujan (BA ‘68) Richard Byrne (JD ‘69) Ruth M. Caboor (MUND ‘52) Donald M. Cadagin (BS ‘68, JD ‘71) Allen J. Cahill (MD ‘60) Laurie A. Cameron (JFRC ‘75-’76) Rosemary K. Carr (MUND ‘49) Rosemary L. Carroll (MUND ‘51) James E. Chargin (MD ‘57) Linda K. Chase (PhD ‘95) Kenneth P. Christian II (BS ‘65) Kevin Michael Cleary (JD ‘88) William J. Cleary Jr. (BSC ‘50) Cynthia B. Collins (BA ‘93) Scott C. Colky (JD ‘77) Edward F. Cosentino (PhB ‘43) Jane K. Cote (MUND ‘44) Richard A. Czaplicki (BSC ‘51) John R. Damm (MD ‘62) Thomas R. Devereux (BSC ‘51) Patricia J. Doerr (MPS ‘84) Edward V. Donovan (BA ‘48) Charles L. Dorigan (PhB ‘48) Rosemary A. Dranke (MUND ‘62) Martha M. Duchon (BS ‘51) Robert E. Dulak (MEd ‘57) John J. Dykla (BS ‘66)

Anthony L. Ellis (JFRC , PhD ‘04) Genevieve M. Fahey (MUND ‘48) Aldo N. Fanti (BS ‘49, MEd ‘53) James J. Farrell (JFRC ‘68-’69, BA ‘71) James P. Feeley Jr. (BA ‘48) Marilyn D. Feit (MUND ‘56) Joseph A. Ferguson (BSBA ‘58) Rosemary K. Firer (MUND ‘48) Eileen M. Foley (MUND ‘55) William W. Foreman (BS ‘64) Richard Russell Fryer (MS ‘67) Mary Seraphinia Gacek (MA ‘67) Eugenia Gallus (MUND ‘45) Nello P. Gamberdino (MSIR ‘53) John Christophe Gerosa (M03 ‘91, M02 ‘91) Mary Gits (BSEd ‘66) Edward D. Givins (DDS ‘62) Francis T. Goguen (MRE ‘75) Christine I. Golenbeski (BBA ‘71) John R. Goodsell (BSC ‘56) Betty Gordon (MUND ‘81) Myrtle T. Gould (BSN ‘55, MSN ‘61) Henry M. Grannan (BSC ‘58) Gary M. Griffin (JD ‘84) Robert S. Groselak (DDS ‘57) Thora C. Halbert (MUND ‘42) Dennis R. Hannon (BS ‘70) Richard M. Hanisits (MEd ‘59) Wilma J. Hansen (BSEd ‘72) Henry I. Haranin (JFRC ‘63-’64)

Diann J. Harbut (BS ‘66) Laurence A. Harding (BSC ‘55) Eleanore Healy (MUND ‘55) Mary F. Henggeler (BSEd ‘69, MEd ‘73) Karen C. Hilarides (MBA ‘80) Norman S. Hillman (MBA ‘75) Robert A. Hill (BSC ‘61) Joseph M. Hirsch (DDS ‘23) James E. Hogan (BA ‘53) Irene J. Hojnacki (MUND ‘55) Joan T. Holland (MUND ‘51) June M. Howard (MRE ‘78) Nancy L. Howes (BSN ‘79) Kimberly K. Huggins (BS ‘77) Lucille Hurst (BS ‘54) Mary L. Janda (MUND ‘49) Mary C. Jennings (MUND ‘58) Janet M. Kamer (MA ‘78, PhD ‘81) Dorothy Case Kaspar (MUND ‘47) Dennis M. Kay (BBA ‘76) William F. Keefe (BA ‘43) Jon D. Kessler (MBA ‘76) Thomas A. Kropidlowski (BA ‘71, DDS ‘75) Stephen R. Kiosk (BA ‘84) Edith F. Kooyumjian (MUND ‘44) William F. Kuhn (BSC ‘52) Donald W. Kunath (BS ‘62) George F. LaBuda (BSC ‘59) Linda D. Lane (MD ‘74) Joseph T. Lannon (JFRC ‘71-’72, BA ‘73)


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