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coupler series for WiFi bands Available in 0302, 0402, & 0603 sizes, the LGA couplers exhibit a rugged construction & excellent high frequency performance across WiFi bands

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has introduced a series of integrated thin film (ITF), high directivity, directional couplers for WiFi bands. Utilizing Land Grid Array (LGA) packaging technology, the miniature ITF couplers feature a rugged, inherently low profile construction designed for reliable automatic assembly and exhibit excellent high frequency performance across the WiFi frequency spectrum: 2,400-5,950MHz. Available in 0302, 0402, and 0603 sizes, all of which provide identical electrical performance, the 3W couplers also exhibit high directivity (20dB), low parasitics, excellent solderability, improved heat dissipation, and self-alignment during reflow.

“Featuring miniature case sizes and a rugged construction, our new, integrated thin film, high directivity couplers were specifically designed to provide excellent broadband performance over the WiFi frequency spectrum,” said Larry Eisenberger, senior marketing application engineer at AVX.

AVX’s high directivity couplers for WiFi bands are rated for -40°C to +85°C and feature RoHS-compliant, 100% tin terminations that are compatible with automatic soldering technologies, including: reflow, wave soldering, vapor phase, and manual. Finished parts are 100% tested for electrical parameters and visual characteristics.

AVX Tel: +420 575757-161

Expanded range of EZ-BoardWare RFI Shield Can Clips from

Harwin suits miniature applications Auto placement, secure retention, easy removal – eliminates hand soldering, reduces costs

Harwin, the leading hi-rel connector and SMT board hardware manufacturer, has expanded its popular EZ-Boardware range of surface mount RFI/EMI Shield Clips with four new sizes, enabling very small, low profile shield cans, and also miniature bus bars, to be secured to a PCB. These versatile clips are supplied on tape and reel, so automatic placement and standard SMT equipment can be used, reducing costs and improving quality. The shielding can itself is then simply pressed into place during final assembly either manually or automatically – cans may also be removed equally simply which is beneficial for rework and maintenance purposes.

The extended range of mechanically robust EZ-BoardWare RFI Shield Can Clips now comprises seven different sizes to accommodate can shield wall thicknesses of between 0.13mm and 1.0mm, and accommodates can heights down to 0.8mm high. EZ-BoardWare Shield Can Clips provide secure four- point retention to resist shock and vibration whilst ensuring excellent electrical contact. Auto placement of the clips eliminates the need for local post-assembly soldering and de-soldering operations, significantly reducing the risk of damage to the PCB. A further benefit is that the shield can style accommodated is a simple five sided box, which is more cost-effective than fence and lid types.

Comments Paul Gillam, Product Manager “These new EZ-BoardWare RFI/EMI Shield Can Clips provide a low cost, secure mounting solution for any application which requires local EMI protection on the PCB, including radio systems, wireless equipment, sat navs and many other industrial and consumer products. In combination with low cost shield cans a high level of shielding performance can be achieved.”

Harwin Europe Tel: 02392 314 545

USB3.0 Mid-Reverse Connectors

In low profile applications where height above and below the PCB are key Global Connector Technology offer mid bottom mount USB3.0 connectors.

USB3.0 full size connectors are mounted as standard on the top side of the PCB. GCT’s innovative reverse connectors allow mounting on the bottom of the PCB, the connectors sits in a cut out on the PCB minimising height, critical for slim designs such as tablets, notepads and other hand held device. Receptacle insulators have perfect orientation to allow normal cable assembly plug mating with USB symbol facing upwards.

USB1115 with cutaway face is perfect for angled panels, with an ultraslim 5.4mm body height.

USB1110 is mounted below the PCB, while the bulk of the connector sits above the PCB.

Both connectors are packed in tape and reel and are suitable for high temperature processes.

To speed up your design download drawings, 3D models and specifications from our website.

Call today to discuss your USB3.0 design requirements, or visit to see why GCT should be your supplier of choice for USB connectors.

Global Connector Technology Ltd. Tel: 01707 321122

AVX introduces integrated thin film, high directivity Multi-function Boundary-scan Testers Cover All Bases

JTAG Technologies announces the latest in its highly regarded range of boundary-scan controller hardware for PCB assembly and system testing – the versatile JT 5705 series. This new design concept incorporates both JTAG/boundary-scan controller functions and mixed-signal measurement & I/O channels. Extensive input protection ensures high levels of in-service reliability.

The JT 5705/USB version is a desktop

instrument, aimed at hardware validation applications and small-scale production test. It features two 15 MHz TAPs and 64 I/Os available through 0.1” connectors. 56 of the I/O channels are always digital, with a frequency function. The remaining 8 channels can be used as either digital or analog I/O. The unit also contains a user programmable FPGA for custom digital I/O options. JT 5705/USBs can also be combined into a single JTAG controller providing multiple TAPs and hundreds of I/Os.

JTAG Tel: 01234 831212

New coherent polymer fibre from OMC transmits hi-res remote images

See around corners for precise sensing, security and imaging applications

OMC, the pioneer in optoelectronics - LED lighting, backlighting and industrial fibre optic transmission components – has released a new coherent polymer fibre which enables high resolution remote imaging. The bundle consists of thousands of individual polymer fibre cores which are arranged coherently at each end such that the image incident on one fibre face is visible on the other face.

Comments OMC’s commercial director, William Heath: “The fibre is designed to provide a lower cost solution to remote imaging in applications where the extremely small

diameters of coherent glass fibre (such as those used to image inside blood vessels) are not required. The resolution is very high, making the fibre suitable not only for high resolution imaging, but also high precision sensing, remote vision, passive surveillance, and imaging in inaccessible areas. The technology is extremely versatile and we are just waiting to see what other applications design engineers can come up with.”

The high tensile strength coherent polymer fibre consists of over 7000 individual pixels for high resolution imaging. 2.0mm and 2.5mm cable diameters are available and the cores are protected by a robust outer protection layer.

OMC Tel: 01209-215424

High Speed Connector Choices from Selwyn Electronics – The Interconnection Specialist

If you are looking for connectors and cables suitable for high speed data transmission, then Selwyn Electronics have a number of solutions available to you, whatever the environment you are using them in.

Suitable for Camera Link, Mini Camera link and Power over Camera Link, they have a range of 0.8mm pitch HDR/HDRA connectors and locking cable assemblies, which can be supplied at custom lengths

For a more rugged environment, Selwyn have a range of push-pull locking circular connectors, with operating speeds up to 10Gbps. These connectors and cables are available with a protection level up to IP68, if you need it.

Of course, if you are looking for the lowest cost solution then Selwyn offer USB 1.0, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectors and cables, and even have a locking USB connector available, to increase reliability.

So for all your high speed connector requirements contact Selwyn Electronics.

Selwyn Electronics Tel: 01732 765100

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