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Interconnection & Switch Technology I Product News

AVX broadens its 9296 Poke Home connector series

AVX Corporation has expanded its 9296 Poke Home Connector Series with the introduction of a new vertical through board, SMT, wire-to- board (WTB) connector. The 9296 WTB single poke home connectors feature a dual beam box contact that provides maximum mechanical stability and wire retention and are designed to be fed through a hole in a PCB. This configuration allows stripped, solid or stranded, plated or un-plated, 18-26AWG wire to be easily inserted into the connector body at a 180-degree orientation to the bottom side of a PCB, which, in most applications, is also the back. In effect eliminating the need for costly two-piece wire-to-board solutions, in which a header is soldered onto the PCB and a secondary crimp-to-wire receptacle assembly is plugged in, the 9296 vertical through board connector looks to meet a broadly unmet demand for small, robust, and cost-effective off-the-shelf connector solutions specifically designed for a variety of industrial and solid-state lighting design applications.

Featuring a minimal above board height of 0.80mm and standard top side SMT leads, the 9296 Series is available in one to six positions and accepts the complete wire gauge range for

Remote-reset rocker switch supports Ecodesign implementation

both solid and stranded wires at the varying current ratings supported by each wire size. Once stripped and inserted, wires can easily be removed or replaced by simply twisting, unscrewing, or using a small blade extraction tool.

Rated for 300VAC, five-cycle durability, and - 40°C to +125°C, 9296 Series connectors feature RoHS-compliant copper alloy contacts with tin over nickel plating and are tape and reel packaged for automated SMT placement.

AVX Corporation |

Harting unveils 2.54 mm pitch version of har-flexicon miniature system

Harting has introduced a 2.54 mm pitch version of its har-flexicon miniature rapid- connection system for printed-circuit boards incorporating surface-mount devices. har-flexicon is tailored to meet the demand for screwless rapid termination technology and economical processing for miniature electronic assemblies. It has been designed to be compatible with SMT and reflow soldering processes as well as with automatic loading systems using pick-and- place technology.

The new system, incorporating SMD PCB terminals and connectors with 2.54-mm spacing, enables the flexible, field-installable rapid connection of individual wires with push-in spring-force termination technology as well as providing a stable basis for surface mount connectivity.

Rigid and flexible conductors are available

with cross-sections from 0.14 to 0.5 mm”. Straight and angled components with 2-12

positions are available for the PCB. For cross- sections up to 2.5 mm”, reflow products with push-in spring force termination technology with a pitch of 3.50/3.81 mm and 5.00/5.08 mm are available as PCB terminals and PCB connectors.

Harting |

Omron Electronic Components Europe has introduced a remote-reset rocker switch supporting zero- standby power design and can be used when implementing systems that meet or exceed the requirements of the European Commission ErP Ecodesign directive. According to Omron the A8GS is the smallest rocker switch with a reset function on the market. It is offered in a version with a delayed- off feature to support safe system shut-down and is suitable for use as a power switch for a whole range of industrial and consumer electrical applications, featuring high inrush current durability conforming to TV-8 standards. Omron is offering the A8GS with reset voltages of 3.3V and 5V, to support easy integration into a wide range of electronic control circuits. Versions suitable for micro load and micro load/high capacity applications are also available. Omron is also offering the A8GS-T, featuring a delayed off function to allow safe shut down of electrical equipment. With this switch, the power to the system is maintained when the switch is returned to the off position. The system is then powered down by an external signal after an interval determined by the designer. This prevents issues with data loss or circuit damage through forced power off by the user, and can

help safer application design. The A8GS-T shares the specifications of the standard A8GS. The European Commission ErP Ecodesign

Directive is an initiative to improve energy efficiency by 20% by the year 2020. It aims to reduce the environmental impact of energy- related products (ErPs), including the energy consumption throughout their entire life cycle. It specifies that the power consumption of equipment in any off-mode condition shall not exceed 0.50 W. In Standby Mode, consumption should also not exceed 0.50W, unless the equipment has a status display in which case 1W is permissible.

Omron Electronics Components |

Modular connector system targets power and signal combinations

C&K develops ultra-miniature, low-profile slide switch

C&K Components has expanded its family of low-profile, cost-effective miniature slide switches. Designed for applications with significant board space and height restrictions, the PCM Series is available in SPDT and SP3T models.

The PCM Series has been

designed into computer & computer peripheral products, networking equipment, telecommunication products and test & measurement equipment.

The RoHS-compliant PCM Series has a mechanical operating life of 10K cycles, and features rugged stainless steel housing, copper alloy silver clad brush, and copper alloy, silver-plated terminals. With a contact rating of 0.3A @ 6 VDC, a contact resistance of 70m ohms maximum, an insulation resistance of 100m ohms minimum @ 500V, and a dielectric strength of 500 VAC minimum, the PCM Series miniature slide switch

30 December 2013/January 2014

has an operating temperature range of -20°C to 85°C.

Both the PCM12 and PCM13 are packaged in tape and reel, which is ideal for pick and place assembly.

C&K Components |

Components in Electronics

Lane Electronics has made available the Positronic Scorpion connector series. Modular in design the series can be configured for use as a power connector, a signal level connector or as a combination of the two in a variety of power/signal contact configurations. In a single housing with a height of just 14.6mm, the user is able to develop a connector solution that can be tailored to suit the application. There are seven power contact options with continuous current ratings from 16 to 80A per contact. Contacts are available in sizes 8, 12, 16, 18, 22 as well as 0.6mm (0.0236in) Hyperboloid. Users are able to specify housings with optional ventilation slots for increased cooling and sequential mating can restrict the number of connections that go “live” at the same time. The Positronic Scorpion Series is available in several connector formats including blind mate, float mount, panel mount and a cable connector option with an integral locking system.

Termination options include solder PCB mount, crimp and press-fit. Lane Electronics can supply a full selection of accessories to add to the versatility of the Scorpion Series.

Lane Electronics |

New battery cable connector from Multi- Contact offers easy, safe operation

With a quick and simple operation, the new BCC battery cable connector from Multi-Contact has been developed to allow the fast and safe connection of batteries for stationary and mobile applications.

Designed using silver-plated Multilam technology the connector ensures low contact resistance throughout the long service life required for low maintenance or maintenance- free battery systems such as Li-ion battery packs. A rapid locking system, combined with low insertion and removal forces, makes the connectors fast to use, saving maintenance costs and its compact design saves space, particularly when interconnecting multiple batteries. They are also safe to use, providing IP2X "finger safe" touch protection when connected. The rugged insulation of the plugs makes them suitable for industrial applications.

With a rated voltage of 300 V, the connectors have a rated current 165 A. They are supplied terminated to both ends of a 300 mm long cable with a 50 mm2

cross-section. Multi-Contact |

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