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Circuit Components I Product News ‘Smallest ever’ clock oscillator from Raltron

Raltron Electronics has released a new clock oscillator. The Model CO2016, which measures 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.65 mm, has been developed by the company to meet increasing demand for smaller components. The CO2016 has been designed to

address the needs of the market for ultra- small miniature packages which are essential in high density PCBs. Its has a low voltage supply need of 1.8 or 2.5 Vdc and a built-in enable/disable function that makes the unit suitable for a variety of applications including: microprocessor and DSP clocks, alarms, high density applications, wireless applications, embedded computing devices, personal digital devices, portable medical devices, cameras, storage and utility monitoring. The CO2016 clock oscillator’s small size of 2.0 x l.6 x 0.65mm covers approximately 40% less surface area than similar clock oscillators. It has a frequency stability of 25, 30, 50, and 100ppm and an operating temperature range of -10°C to

New high voltage SMD resistor offers flexible performance at low cost

+70°C. It is available in 3 values of power supply voltages: 1.8V±5%, 2.5V±5% and 3.3V±5%. The output is CMOS and the oscillator can drive a load of 15pF.

Raltron Electronics Corporation |

Ohmite Manufacturing, a provider of thermal solutions and resistors for high current, high voltage, and high-energy applications, has unveiled the new MC4 Series - a multi-configuration single surface mount DIP package with four high voltage (2500 VDC) resistors. The MC4 Series offers numerous advantages, including significant cost savings versus discrete high voltage chip resistors. However, the largest benefit of the series is the design flexibility it offers. A single MC4 can be applied in multiple configurations depending on the needs of a particular circuit.

Customers may select any combination of

resistor value -- from 200 to 5,000W -- and tolerance for all four resistors. Once the necessary specifications are selected, Ohmite will complete the design and assign a unique part number to the custom product for future access and pricing. Parts are supplied on tape and reel for

Bourns expands current sense resistor product family

Bourns has unveiled a new current sense resistor model designed for applications that require lower power and a smaller footprint solution. Designated Bourns model CRF0805, the new device is the smallest surface mount current sense resistor in Bourns’ industry-leading CRF family of resistors.

Featuring a power rating of just 0.5 watts and

a resistance range from 5 milliohms to 20 milliohms, the model helps meet the ongoing demand for smaller and denser circuit boards. Bourns’ fixed resistor products are used to detect and convert current to an easily measured voltage, which is proportional to the current through the device. Current sense resistors offer an optimal solution for designs requiring low inductance and tighter precision for improved reliability and longer life such as power supplies and stepper motor drive applications.

automated placement and unique, flexible S- Bend terminals provide additional solder joint integrity. This design also allows better separation between components for better airflow and cooling. For additional information about the MC4 Series, contact Ohmite or visit their website.

Ohmite Manufacturing | Vishay extends Ohmic range of MC Series

Vishay Intertechnology has extended its MC series of professional and precision thin film chip resistors with lower ohmic values in the compact 0402 and 0603 case sizes. The enhanced devices are designed to deliver stable performance for a wide range of electronic systems. In the 0402 case size, the

The CRF0805 model is RoHS compliant and

features an operating temperature range of -55 °C to +170 °C and temperature coefficient of ±100 PPM/°C.

Bourns |

Process and screening breakthroughs deliver more reliable tantalum capacitors

Kemet has unveiled two major technology breakthroughs that allow it to deliver solid tantalum capacitors with improved reliability and higher breakdown voltages. These technologies ensure that KEMET’s high-grade tantalum capacitors for high reliability designs feature low and stable DC leakage currents. Known as F-Tech, the tantalum manufacturing technology features techniques for optimising chemical purity to eliminate hidden dielectric defects. The company’s patented Simulated Breakdown Screening (SBDS) is a non- destructive testing technique that simulates capacitor BDV without damaging the capacitor. This screening is performed on 100% of product when required. Traditional DC leakage (DCL) tests cannot detect small defects in the dielectric and performing these tests at accelerated conditions can actually induce more defects.

Incorporating multiple process technologies, F-

Tech is an improved approach to anode manufacturing based on a fundamental understanding of degradation mechanisms in tantalum capacitors. Some of the processes minimise an anode’s carbon and oxygen content as these elements can become contaminants that lead to crystallisation of the anodic oxide dielectric. Another process technology enhances

34 December 2013/January 2014

professional and precision series now offer resistance down to 10  and 100 , respectively, for all TCR / tolerance combinations. In the 0603 case size, the professional series features lower resistance down to 1  for TCRs of ± 50 ppm/K and ± 25 ppm/K with a 0.5 % tolerance. The Vishay Beyschlag resistors are intended for applications in which reliability and stability are a major concern, including industrial electronics such as sensors, scales, bridges, and precision amplifiers; automotive electronics including engine control units, gearbox controls, body electronics, and safety, power supply, and braking systems; battery management, measurement control, and steering technology; telecommunication base stations; and medical equipment. Providing high-temperature performance,

Panasonic POSCAP and OS-CON capacitors now available

reliability by ensuring a stronger mechanical connection between the tantalum lead wire and the anode. Breakdown voltage is the ultimate test of a capacitor dielectric, with a higher BDV indicating a stronger dielectric that will deliver higher reliability in the field. By evaluating the BDV of each and every capacitor, SBDS testing allows KEMET to provide customers with only the most reliable capacitors from a given lot. These new technologies will allow KEMET customers to specify high-grade tantalum capacitors manufactured with the F-Tech process, use SBDS testing, or select both options.

Kemet | Components in Electronics

Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Europe is making its POSCAP and OS-CON capacitors available to their distribution channels in Europe. POSCAP is a solid electrolytic chip capacitor, the Anode is sintered Tantalum and the Cathode is a highly conductive polymer. The capacitor has a low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) level and provides impressive levels of performance for high frequency while at the same time maintaining a low profile and high capacitance. In addition, it has high reliability and high heat resistance.

The OS-CON is an aluminium solid capacitor with high conductive polymer electrolyte material. It provides a low ESR, noise reduction capability and frequency characteristics. In addition, the capacitor has a long life span and its ESR has little change even at low temperatures since the electrolyte is solid.

According to the company it expects growing market demand in Europe for both the POSCAP and OS-CON capacitors as they offer a wide range of values and complete the Panasonic portfolio of Polymer and low ESR Capacitors. Currently widely used in digital and telecommunication applications demand from automotive applications, industrial equipment and products related towards future environmental energy reduction is expected to grow significantly.

Panasonic Industrial Devices |

professional series devices combine high rated dissipation at 70 °C to 400 mW with an operating temperature to +155 °C. Offering an advanced level of stability, precision series devices offer low tolerance down to ± 0.1 % and low TCR down to ± 10 ppm/K. MC series resistors are approved according to EN 140401-801. RoHS-compliant, the devices are suitable for processing on automatic SMD assembly systems and for automatic soldering using wave, reflow, or vapor phase.

Vishay Intertechnology |

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