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Southern Manufacturing I Exhibitor News

New conformal coatings optimise reliability and device performance

Electrolube, a specialist supplier of electro-chemicals for the electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing industries, is set to feature new acrylic, polyurethane and UV cure conformal coatings at this year’s Southern Manufacturing. Designed to protect electronic

circuitry for optimum reliability and increased performance of devices, Electrolube’s new aromatic free polyurethane coating, PUCAF, is completely free from aromatic content and contains no isocyanates, making it safer and more user-friendly for the operator. The modified polyurethane conformal coating is tough, flexible and increases throughput due to a rapid touch dry time of less than 10 minutes. PUCAF fluoresces under UV light to aid inspection and is both certified and compliant with RoHS, MIL-1-46058C, DEF- STAN 59/47 and IPC-CC-830. Electrolube’s new UV cure conformal coating, UVCL, provides protection of electronic circuitry at exceptionally high speeds of application and cures within seconds upon exposure to UV light. The low viscosity, single component conformal coating is suitable for high throughput production processes and significantly reduces the time taken to complete the conformal coating step. UVCL has been designed for automated processes using selective spray technology, however, other spraying techniques and touch-up application via brush may also be employed. UVCL is the next generation of VOC-free coating and its low viscosity allows the application of relatively thin films without the need for dilution. The non-flammable, flexible

Harting features integrated industrial solutions for the smart factory

coating provides moisture and chemical resistance at minimal cost and fluoresces under UV light for ease of inspection. The aromatic free acrylic coating, AFA, is a flexible and transparent acrylic conformal coating that complies with RoHS, Military and IPC standards and has been formulated to meet many of today’s commercial applications. Designed for high protection of electronic circuitry and operator safety, the AFA coating is free from aromatic solvents such as Toluene and Xylene and contains no isocyanates, which means it can be soldered through without fear of highly toxic gases being produced. AFA also fluoresces under UV light to facilitate inspection and provides excellent mechanical and dielectric properties. As a manufacturer of specialist chemical

products, Electrolube has recently been awarded the ISO 14001 for its Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety.

Electrolube | Stand L62

At Southern Electronics, Harting will feature its comprehensive range of integrated solutions for the smart factory of the future under the broad heading of “the fourth industrial revolution”. Products on show will include interconnectivity products for smart network infrastructures and smart power systems, RFID hardware and software for implementing automatic ID within the industrial environment, and the latest generation of connectors for wire-to-board and board-to- board interfaces. The Harting Technology Group’s electronics assembly operation – Harting Integrated Solutions (HIS) - will also be demonstrating its backplane and sub-assembly capabilities.

New networking products include the Ha- VIS mCon 3000 range of Ethernet switches, which enable the construction of complex and efficient network structures, and are optimised for use in harsh industrial environments. Harting’s RFID technology offers a high

degree of flexibility to simplify the implementation of scalable solutions in different application sectors. The system combines rugged, high-performance RFID readers with powerful data pre-processing to ensure high-speed data transmission and optimum dynamic network performance. An efficient software solution allows the scaling of RFID solutions from individual readers through to enterprise-wide solutions across different locations.

In the electronics interconnection sector, Harting will be demonstrating a number of new devices in the har-flex family of compact, versatile and rugged board-to-board and board-to-cable 1.27 mm pitch connectors. Harting Integrated Solutions – the

company’s contract manufacturing operation - will be featuring its electronics assembly capabilities, along with its expertise in project development, prototyping, test and evaluation. The company is an ISO9001 supplier, and its Northampton based manufacturing facility designs, manufactures and tests high-speed multi-layer backplanes and integrates them into card frames and enclosures. Cable assemblies from simple ribbon to advanced wiring looms are also offered.

Harting | Stand A50

New connectors on show at Southern Manufacturing

REO to showcase energy saving and power quality expertise

REO will demonstrate its expertise in manufacturing high efficiency power quality technology, contributing to significant energy savings, showcasing products including the CNW933 Sinewave filter, the energy saving CNW903 choke and the long life CNW961 Sinusoidal filter Plus++. REO's products meet the needs of drive and motor manufacturers as well as systems integrators and control panel manufacturers. REO's stand will also feature a

demonstration of an optimised drive installation.

REO's CNW933 sinewave filters are used to eliminate problems arising from long cable runs between an inverter drive and motor, by reducing dV/dt peak voltages to a benign level. Pulse width modulation produces asymmetric voltage and current wave forms, which the filter can convert back to an almost pure sine wave. This reduces radio frequency interference and means that shielded cables are no longer needed. Motor noise, temperature and mechanical stresses are also reduced. Three phase rectified power stages such as those used in variable speed drives, gain power quality and energy saving benefits by using the CNW903 three-phase high current line reactor.

One of the key features is that harmonic

currents and voltage distortion on the main line is minimised. This allows compliance standards to be met including permission for connection to the supply. Damage from

20 December 2013/January 2014

surges is also reduced whilst providing ride- through storage during voltage sags. This increased stability results in reduced electricity consumption and minimised costs. The CNW961 sinus plus++ suppresses

interference on both the line cables to the motor and also to the earth conductors. This helps achieve REO's objective of delivering a longer product life and better return on investment to manufacturers in the drives, motors and controls sector. By feeding incurring bearing currents into the DC-link, the CNW961 eliminates any potential damage to the mechanics. This increases the longevity of the product, meaning that applications including liquid treatment and heat pumps for example, can benefit from continuous power and long term reliability.

REO UK Ltd | Stand J49

Components in Electronics

Binder UK is showing a wide range of circular connectors at Southern Manufacturing and will feature the new series 770 NCC that is IP67 unmated. Originally designed for medical equipment this new connector system is designed so that the contacts are protected to IP67 when not connected without the need of a protective cap. This makes it suitable for all types of portable and hand-held measuring equipment, control devices and other applications where it is an advantage to make rapid set-up changes. The efficiency of the design achieves a product life in excess of 5,000 mating cycles.

Series 770 is a panel-mount receptacle in which the electrical contacts are protected from water, dust and foreign particles by a spring-mounted lid when unmated. When the cable plug is mated the contact cover is

pushed inside the receptacle body, the contacts engage and the connector is locked with a quarter turn of a bayonet-locking collar. Also featured will be the Binder 620 and 720 series of low cost, snap-in IP67 circular connectors. These simple, all-plastic, modular connectors are lightweight and compact. Internal seals provide protection to IP67 with excellent electrical characteristics. The unique snap-in mating provides an extremely convenient and safe connect and disconnect action. Samples will be available free of charge for product evaluation.

Binder UK | Stand D50

Large format surface mount production capabilities on show at Southern

Wilson Process Systems (WPS) will be at Southern Manufacturing promoting its new large format surface mount manufacturing facilities for PCBs up to 3m x 1.3m. Visitors will also be able to discuss their manufacturing requirements with the company. “Southern Manufacturing comes at a time when the UK electronics manufacturing sector is recovering,” said Nick Jones, Sales Director. “WPS has invested extensively in the latest production equipment over the last year, putting us in a strong position to offer new customers a professional, flexible and competitive alternative to off-shore manufacturing.”

The upgraded WPS surface mount line can manufacture boards up to 3m x 1.3m, for any application including the growing opportunity in retail displays, LED lighting and digital signage. It is the first line in the country that can manufacture such long boards fully automatically, including the critical screen printing stage. The line can also be used to manufacture boards of more standard dimensions. The investment in 2013 increases WPS assembly capacity to 140,000 components per hour.

WPS | Stand D78

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