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First EDM system for electrical and fluid design The age of things

Improving control of the grey market Market Review

Better than 2012!

While the economy appears to be recovering there are still concerns that what we are seeing is neither balanced or sustainable. Neil Tyler talks to some leading UK businesses to gauge their take on 2013 and how 2014 appears to be shaping up

Distribution 12-15

The pitfalls of obsolescence and how to avoid them 12 Even with effective design strategies, obsolescence remains an issue that faces many users of electronics components. It is, however, possible for companies to get on top of the problem, as Dave Doherty explains

A staggeringly small world

As advances in microelectromechanical systems (MEMs) accelerate, David Askew looks at their design and manufacture and considers why we need them

Southern Electronics Preview The key event for UK electronics

16-21 16

Southern Electronics returns to FIVE in Farnborough this February and it already looks like another record year with over 800 exhibitors now confirmed

Make this year’s show the one that dispels EMS myths 18 Exhibitor News at Southern Electronics

Power Management Product News


22-27 22 & 26

Toshiba expands its power MOSFET family for automotive applications; XP Power launches a range of new programmable power supplies and Linear Technology introduces the LTC4020, an advanced high voltage power manager and multi-chemistry battery charger

A new era of energy optimisation

Patrick Le Fèvre considers how it is possible to reduce energy consumption in ICT applications by using the dynamic bus voltage architecture

Interview - Axiom Manufacturing Services 28-29 Staying focused


Neil Tyler talks investment, cost management and the development of advanced engineering skills with Paul Murphy, the Commercial Director at contract manufacturer Axiom Manufacturing Services

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F) 0845 337 4960 F) 0845 337 4960 24 Building block calibration 40

How are precision resistors being used in the shunt calibration of strain gage sensors, the building blocks for many types of transducers?

14-15 4-9

4 6 8

10-11 10

Interconnection & Switch Technology 30-33 Product News

New from Omron a remote-reset rocker switch that supports Ecodesign implementation; AVX broadens its 9296 Poke Home connector series and Harting unveils the latest version of its har-flexicon connector system

Capacitive switching drives thin film backlighting development

Vince Light reviews the latest developments in LED backlighting technology

Circuit Components Product News

34-35 34

Raltron unveils its ‘smallest ever’ clock oscillator; Panasonic makes its POSCAP and OS-CON capacitors available to its European sales channels; Ohmite releases a new high voltage SMD resistor while Bourns expands its current sense resistor product family

Embedded Technology Breaking the boundaries

36-37 36

Large multi-channel video systems are pushing standard video- processor ICs or software-centric systems to their limits, however a new micro-footprint H.264 core targeting all-programmable SoC devices can satisfy the demands of high performing systems

Sensor Technology Product News

38-41 38

Vishay streamlines touchless remote control with a new gesture control sensor board; Allegro Microsystems launches a linear current-sensor IC that’s been thermally enhanced for greater precision and Intersil targets the space market with its latest temperature sensors

32 30

Supply Chain Management Risk factors

Lawrence Romine explains how dynamic supply chain visibility can help to cut re-spins

Who? What? Why? Where? When? & How? 50 Words in the wrong place


Steve Rogerson learns a new word - Legoability; gets taught a lesson in pronunciation and receives a practical demonstration of how to be careful of what you say and how you say it

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Components in Electronics December 2013/January 2014 3

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