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per game and earned the top seed for two TV shows, including the Chameleon Championship and the PBA World Champi- onship. Barrett credits his fitness regimen for his

comeback from that scary night he prefers to forget. “Yeah, quite scary times. I’m sorry I put

my family and friends through that worry,” Barrett said. “But that was at the end of March . . . then I started winning tourna- ments again in August. I went on to win my first [PBA] title later that year at the Scor- pion Championship, and I haven’t looked back since, really. “I go to the gym fairly regularly, do a lot

of core work, do a lot of work on my legs. And I’m sure if I didn’t do those things I’d be feeling a lot more aches and pains.” Most of the aches and pains Barrett

was involved in at the 2013 World Series of Bowling were felt by those who had to contend with him for a spot on a show. But the otherwise smooth ride Barrett enjoyed at South Point Bowling Center this year resembled more of a rocky road after he entered the semifinal round of the Viper Championship as the top seed and then plunged to 13th place. Barrett spent that round searching for

the look he had on most other patterns, when 250s were coming as easily to him as they do at league back home. He never found it. But like that bad night out in the desert nearly three years ago, that is the place Barrett thrives in, the place where the pins only seem to fall for everybody else. “I think it’s sometimes easier to bowl


ory of that bad round at the Viper Champi- onship. Unlike the Viper event, though, he had a year to stew over what happened at the 2012 World Championships. If failure in- spired hunger in Barrett’s life, he was starv- ing by the time the semifinal round of the 2013 World Championships finally arrived. “I think if you ask any great athlete they

will tell you that failure is going to make you hungrier,” Barrett said. “You’re going to go home, work on the things that hap- pened. And then when you actually go and win, I think it’s very important to have that feeling and joy of winning. But you learn more from failure because you come back a better player.” That is exactly what Barrett did at the

2013 World Championship, blasting scores of 245, 264 and 256 in games 4-6 of the final round of match play and enjoying a 169-pin advantage over his next-closest competitor, Sean Rash, at the conclusion of the position round. He led No. 3 seed Mike Fagan by more than 400 pins. Do not count Mack among those who

Driven to succeed: After his near-death experience in the desert, Barrett now uses bad experiences as motivation. “Sometimes it’s easier to bowl after you’ve had a bad experi- ence,” he insists. “It puts you into the fighting frame of mind you need to be in.”

after you’ve had a bad experience,” Barrett said. “It motivates you and puts you into the fighting frame of mind you need to be in. And that’s pretty much what happened with me. I went to bed that night, pro- cessed all the bad stuff that happened and woke up with a fresh mindset, ready to go and hungry.”

Barrett had plenty of bad stuff to pro-

cess when he entered the final round of match play for the PBA World Champion- ship. In 2012, he advanced to the semifinal round of the World Championship as the top seed only to fall to 10th place. Barrett stored the memory of that fail- ure in the same placed he stored the mem-

may have been surprised by Barrett’s domi- nant resurgence from that night in Ryadh. “I’ve known him since he was about 14,

and he was a phenom back then,” Mack said. “You knew that he was going to be special at that time. He was a supremely talented kid. I think he’s got great funda- mentals, he’s got great timing. And his arm swing is a big part of that. He and Mike Fagan have two of the loosest swings in bowling, and it shows in the results. They’ve been two of the best bowlers the last couple of years.”

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