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BY J.R. SCHMIDT { } 2006

The 15-pounder becomes the new standard.

The changing nature of the game has made more ball speed desirable. The PBA reports that 70 percent of the balls on the tour weigh 15 pounds or less. With the bowling population getting grayer, lighter-weight balls also are gaining in popularity. Bowling balls have long been restricted to a 16-lb. maximum weight, but there is no discussion about adopting a mini- mum weight. At least, not yet.

2007 5

The World Cup is conducted in Russia.

When the Interna- tional Masters was

launched in 1965, did the organizers ever imagine it might be staged in Lenin- grad, USSR? But by 2007, the city is once again St. Petersburg, Russia, and it plays host to the 43rd roll- ing of the renamed Qubi- caAMF Bowling World Cup. The world has changed, bowling has changed with it... and the World Cup returns to Mother Russia next month.


THE 2000s to NOW 2008

Bowling gets its own ‘campus.’

The USBC moves its head- quarters to the BPAA’s doorstep in Arlington, Texas. From a logistical stand- point, it makes sense. Yet there’s also a sense of his- toric loss. After 103 years, Milwaukee can no longer claim to be the world’s tenpin capital.

2010 6

Kelly Kulick tops them all.

The PBA has become gender

neutral, and Kelly Kulick becomes the first woman to win a national PBA tournament. And she does it in the PBA’s most prestigious event, the Tournament of Champions. It’s major news in print, on the air, and over the net. Misogyny will never be the same.

2013 7

The PBA brings back team bowling.

Pro bowling has emphasized

individual competition, and there has long been a debate on how this affected team play. Now, the PBA starts its own intercity league, made up of five-player teams. Bowling has come full circle... just in time for BJI’s centennial.

About The Author: J.R. Schmidt has been BJI’s resident historian since 1990. Normally, he writes the monthly “Time Capsule” feature,but during BJI’s 100th an- niversary year, we’ve asked him to assemble a monthly bowling timeline — one for each decade of the magazine’s exis- tence — to be comple- mented by photographs and illustrations from BJI’s massive “morgue.” Schmidt, an avid bowler, also maintains a blog about bowling history.

CLICK HERE: To check out his personal photo gallery of ABC/USBC Open Tournament team photos

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