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Technique H



As simple as it sounds, your game starts with how you pick up the ball.

ow many times have you seen bowlers simply walk up to the ball return, spin their ball so that the finger holes are on top, and grab it with their bowling hand like a toy crane claw machine, putting their thumb and fingers in all at the same time. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Sure, higher average bowlers may not be quite that cavalier with the way they put their fingers into a bowling ball, but at the International Training and Research Center we still see plenty of bowlers put their thumb into the ball first. Remember, you want your grip pressure to be minimal, and put- ting your thumb and both fingers into the ball at the same time (or even just putting your thumb in first) creates too much grip pressure. What difference does that seem- ingly minor extra grip pressure make?

Locking your hand onto the ball affects how the ball comes off your hand at the release point. If you’re throwing your hand into the ball improperly, the ten- dency is to repeat that process at the release. If your thumb and fingers were to come out of the ball at the same time (which is virtually impossible), it would come off your hand like a baseball knuckleball. Also, the closer you come to having your whole hand come off the ball at one time, the fewer revolu- tions you’re going to be able to impart on the ball.

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