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“That Viper was a good example. That evening I was a little indecisive, wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do as I kept searching for that mag- ic reaction which I couldn’t find. But the other side of that, the positive thing about my mental game, is I can be very focused and take things in stride, good or bad. I try to keep a very even-keel and keep my emo- tions flat . . . I am not someone who wants to get too high because I don’t want the low that comes with the bad shot following it.”

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CURIOSITY “I am always trying to learn. I think that’s the great thing about our sport. I don’t think there’s any point when you ever master

it,” Barrett said. “You’re always going to be learning; you’re always a student. There is always a different environment and different circum- stances that can change things. Look at Pete Weber. He’s getting bet- ter and better. He’s still a student of the game; he’s still trying to learn.”


FUNDAMENTALS “I think some of my attributes would be some of the touch I have when I am hooking the bowling ball,” Barrett said. “I am

quite good at getting the ball down the lane when the front part of the lane has a bit of friction in it. Reading lane conditions and reading ball motion, I’m getting better at that all the time, I believe. And under- standing layouts, things like that. That’s one of the things I am always trying to learn.”

MENTAL TOUGHNESS “I had a couple of bad points this week, but I try to stay very much inside [myself] and try to work on things,” Barrett said.

DOM BARRETT “It was really scary at the time,” said three-time

World Bowling Writers Bowler of the Year, Tim Mack, who witnessed Barrett’s ATV accident during a party at the Kingdom International Open in Ri- yadh, Saudi Arabia. “I raced out there to see what was happening, and I saw Dominic on the ground, blood coming out of his ear.” Kuwaiti bowler,Mohammed Al-Rajeebah, whom

Barrett had defeated just weeks earlier in the semi- finals of the 2011 Emir Cup en route to the title, suf- fered a crushed femur. “He could have bled to death out in the middle

of the desert,” Mack said of Al-Rajeebah. Bowling Digital reported that “Barrett was the

first to arrive back, with a blood-spattered forehead and swollen face, but sitting in the passenger seat of a dune buggy looking very frail.” With two fractured ribs, a broken collar bone

and a compression fracture in his back—“almost like a squished vertebra,” Barrett explained—the competitive career of Europe’s top-ranked bowler easily could have ended in the desert sand that night. As anyone who watched the 2013 World Se-

ries of Bowling knows, however, the incident only seemed to intensify Barrett’s resolve. Barrett placed in the top 20 in every event be bowled. He also out-averaged his competitors by nearly four pins


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