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find more sellers and less buyers. If I was going to sell in the next 5 years I would strongly think about doing it now. Nick Scott of Scott City: “The

Thomson Brothers

refurbished podium level 2 bed, 2 bath

Lauderdale Tower flat on sale by Hamilton Brooks at £1.1 million

between 10 and 30% for certain styles. There continues to be demand from the local market and from investment buyers looking for a further uplift in prices from Crossrail. As always if you are considering selling in 2014 or would like a valuation for lease extension purposes please do not hesitate to contact me directly.” Glen Cook of Hamilton Brooks: A

question that pops up almost every week in the property press and I have been asked so many times over the past few weeks is ‘are we in a bubble, will it last, or are we about to see a correction’. My answer for the City Market is that we are not in a bubble, we are in a period of high demand and low supply creating price rises, but not a bubble. In the last few weeks we have seen an increase in supply, and a flattening of price increases. I think prices will now stay level. What I would say, is that I think we have only another 12 to 24 months of interest rates at the current level, once the upward trend starts, we will

Barbican continues to face an undersupply of flats available to be purchased. The provision of new stock has proved to be an issue now for a number of years and is unlikely to change in the near future. This is very disappointing to buyers causing much frustration especially as most Barbican apartments are now selling for in excess of the asking price. The best properties will always command a premium but I do think we may have well reached a peak for the next few months while people get used to the high prices being achieved. Location is always going to be a high priority for anyone investing in central London so the Barbican will always continue to be high on anyone's list as an area to live…will always remain a great investment.!! “ Leon Stone of Hamptons

International: We have seen prices soaring in the Barbican in the last year, no doubt brought on by the prices being achieved in the nearby Heron which has highlighted the area and everything it offers such as the Barbican Centre, numerous restaurants and shops, great transport links, proximity to the City etc. In fact The Heron is setting the benchmark for prices all over the Square Mile with Hamptons now on its 6th sale within the development; those who purchased early are received substantial returns on their investments 08456 344068


The Modern House has been selling London’s finest Modernist architecture for nearly a decade. By reaching well beyond the limits of the local market, we are able to expose Barbican flats to a much wider audience and thereby maximise their value. Please contact us to discuss how we can achieve an outstanding result for your property.

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given the way the market has risen over the last couple of months and is indeed continuing to rise. While many of the initial buyers were from Hong Kong and Singapore there is increasing demand for Heron properties from the local as well as the Asian markets.

LETTINGS Glen Cook: Rentals have been a bit slow in the past few months, normally the summer and particularly September is very busy, but not so this year. It is difficult to say why. A slight over supply perhaps - the completion of The Heron has added another 100 or so stock to the city market and this will have an impact. But generally the level of enquires has dropped compared to last year (Rightmove do an online comparison for us). It all leads back to presentation I am afraid. Joe Davison at Scott City: Many

Barbican owners are choosing to keep and let their flats so stock levels are good at present, we have studios, one beds and two beds available in all price ranges. The demand for rental property has been slower over the last few weeks but the signs are we will have a busy next few with the build up to Christmas, December often being a good month for new deals to coincide with moving in the New Year. Rents for the year have stayed fairly static although demand for Barbican flats has remained high we've not seen an increase in rental values. Matt Gibberd of The Modern House:

“It’s interesting to note the rise of the accidental landlord at the Barbican. We have let a number of flats in recent weeks belonging to people who come to us looking for a sympathetic tenant, as they are understandably nervous about potential wear and tear. The conviction is that sale values will continue to rise inexorably, so it’s better to hold on to what you’ve got. But is that really the case? We’re currently seeing the best sales market in recent memory because of a basic differential between supply and demand. Can we really guarantee the same thing this time next year?” 08456 344068


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